Prep Talk

Prep Thrower Ranked Number One Freshman in State

Posted May 22nd, 2012


After a short fall to second, freshman Nick Scelso reclaimed his rank as the number one freshman javelin thrower in New Jersey. Nick started the season off with a bang by throwing an astounding 144′ at the Jim Camburn Memorial Buena Relays, 20′ farther than any other freshman in the state.  

Since that time, Nick has been competing in various meets, and doing very well. It wasn’t until the end of April that the freshman competition even caught up. There was only one  that passed him, and bumped him to second. Though Nick has had better throws than the rest, none where at a ranked meet.

That all changed Thursday, when Nick crossed his next threshold. Nick threw 150’4″ at the Atlantic County Championships. This throw has put him back on top as the number one freshman javelin thrower in the state, and 17th in the nation. To date, Nick’s best throw is 152’7″.