Prep Talk

Rock Club Begins a New Year

Posted September 13th, 2013


Last year, Prep student Marc Reeder approached Dean of Enrollment Management Stephen Cappuccio with an idea for a new activities club, Rock Club. Marc felt that there were many opportunities for talented students at the Prep to participate in various clubs and activities, but there were no opportunities for students who love to perform rock music.

Mr. Cappuccio responded enthusiastically to the idea and garnered support from Dean of Student Leadership Anthony Iaconelli. Mr. Cappuccio recruited faculty member Greg Crandall as club moderator, and the Rock Club formed during the Spring semester. Students began to rehearse weekly, performing classic rock tunes from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Queen, and David Bowie, among others. Since then, club members have worked to achieve a level of polish sufficient for public performances on and off campus.

Rock Club members have been encouraged to share instruments and try different performance roles. A member might perform on drums for one song, sing vocals for the next song, play bass guitar for the next song, and play keyboards for the next song. There is plenty of room for developing musical abilities and expanding artistic expression.

Founding member Marc Reeder said, “The original idea for Rock Club is based off of the Paul Greene School of Rock. I have taken the ideas of Paul Greene and molded them to fit the values of St. Augustine Preparatory School. Last year the Rock Club had a pretty big interest and it turned out better than I expected. This year I am expecting us to be able to play gigs both on campus and off. We will probably be playing at some charity events or fundraisers as the musician’s way of giving back. All you need is a passion and an instrument to come jam with us.”

Rock Club member Grant Schoenfeldt said, “We got to hang out and share a passion for great music. It’s definitely fun for anyone who plays an instrument.”

With the new school year, Rock Club is gearing up again to begin meeting weekly for rehearsals. There will be an organizational meeting to kick things off on Tuesday, September 17, during Activities Period in Augustinian Hall Room 36. All interested students are invited to attend.