Prep Talk

Six Hermits Shadow At Goldman Sachs

Posted May 1st, 2019

The St. Augustine Job Shadow Program provided six junior students with an interest in pursuing a college major and career in finance a very unique opportunity.  This past Friday, the six Wall Street hopefuls were welcomed at Goldman Sachs by St. Augustine Prep alumni Mr. Austin Neri ’13 and Mr. William Reeves ’14. Headquartered in New York City, Goldman Sachs is an American multinational investment bank and financial services company. The bank is one of the largest investment banking enterprises in the world and is a primary dealer in the United States Treasury security market and more generally, a prominent market maker.

Mr. Neri, along with Mr. Reeves, provided their Hermit Brothers an in-depth overview of the firm. Every facet of the company was represented during the day – Analysts, managers and vice presidents from Compliance, Consumer and Investment Management, Finance, Sales Management, and Private Wealth Management spoke at length providing a wealth of information throughout the visit.

We thank Mr. Neri and Mr. Reeves for their display of Hermit Brotherhood as they have laid the foundation for our students’ future in the field of finance!