Prep Talk

St. Augustine Community Makes Beach Dreams Come True

Posted May 16th, 2018

Our Christian Gentlemen took a break from final exam reviews to make the beach dreams of a local resident come true.  Brianna Wible suffers from a rare disorder characterized by abnormalities of the 22nd chromosome.  The Chromosome 22 disorder leaves her primarily wheelchair bound and inhibits her from enjoying many of the daily joys we take for granted. Her long-standing wish has been to enjoy a day on the beach but the trip would require a special wheelchair to make the walk feasible.  Enter world language teacher, Profe Marshall; her youngest son Alex; and St. Augustine Prep.

Alex Marshall, who is currently in eighth grade at Edgarton Christian Academy, was tasked with his eighth-grade service project titled “Pay It Forward.”  Through a few connections with faculty at Edgarton Christian, Alex was made aware of Brianna’s wish.  His initial efforts to raise funds were valiant but were in need of a boost in order to reach the goal of covering 100% of the special wheelchair’s cost.  Profe Marshall and Alex’s brother Nick, a Prep freshman, sought to help him in his mission of making Brianna’s wish come true.  With the blessing of the Office of Student Leadership, a dress-down day was held in honor of Brianna with the proceeds resulting in the goal being met.










With the acquisition of the chair confirmed, the only remaining step was to officially present Brianna with the certificate.  Profe Marshall rounded up a few study weary Hermits and rolled out the red carpet for Brianna’s arrival.  The boys were energized by the thought of officially making her dreams of a beach day come true.  As Brianna made her way from the parking lot, the students excitedly lined up to greet her as she made her grand entrance.  In a brief ceremony outside of the Buondonno Forum, Brianna was given an envelope with her name colorfully-drawn on the front; most importantly, the envelope also contained the information concerning her new beach wheelchair.  Jersey Shore here she comes!