Prep Talk

St. Augustine Prep Celebrates Augustinian Heritage Week

Posted April 23rd, 2013


St. Augustine Prep is celebrating Augustinian Heritage Week, “a heritage that strives to be of one heart and mind, intent upon God,” Monday, April 23, through Friday, April 27. This week, during the Activities Period, the entire school community gathers in the Rodio Gym to honor students, faculty, staff, and members of the Board of Directors who exemplify this heritage.

On Monday, April 22, the student body gathered to honor the students who embody the true spirit of the Christian Gentlemen. With a theme that carried over from this year’s “Hermits of the Month” program, three students from each class year were recognized “in three words.” All of the honorees, and the words that were chosen to describe them, are listed below. On Tuesday, April 23, the community gathered once again to celebrate Augustinian Heritage, but this time the focus was on the faculty and staff. Mrs. Kathy Bauer of the Facilities Staff, Mr. Ray D’Amico, Crew Coach and Faculty Member, and Mr. Donald Casolaro, Director of College Guidance and Counseling, were all recognized by their peers, students, and friends, for their ongoing service to St. Augustine Prep.


TJ Reed – confident, optimistic, personable

Jimmy Simpson – honorable, humble, moral

Matt Innocenzo – magnanimous, motivated, open-minded


Pat Yacovelli –  polite, rational, trustworthy

Andrew Ong –  dedicated, dignified, persistent

Brad Penny –  affirming, driven, mature


Michael Pallozzi –  caring, positive, respectful

Austin Campbell –  principled, dependable, steadfast

Zack Warren –  likable, determined, hard-driving


Adam Watts –  accepting, considerate, talented

Jake Snyder –  credible, meticulous, focused

Tyler Sentman –  courageous, secure, trustworthy