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St. Augustine Prep Prom Goes Outdoors

Posted May 12th, 2021

Class of 2021 Senior Prom Goes Outdoors

On May 2, 2021, St. Augustine Prep held its Class of 2021 Prom outdoors at the center of the campus, with the students walking down the promenade as family snapped shots of the fashionable couples. After having to cancel the previous year’s prom due to the pandemic, the administration, and head of school Fr. Murray were determined to hold a prom for the current senior class. Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions in New Jersey at the time of planning, the leadership team knew the prom would need to be brought outdoors to comply with the restriction of 200 guests. By the time of the actual date of prom, the restriction limit was moved to 500 for outdoor gatherings.

Having the prom outdoors as well as on campus for the first time ever, brought new opportunities to the event. A promenade for parents and families to be able to see their sons announced and walk down the campus commons was a new feature. The reaction was positive for both students and parents alike. Senior David Kenny said, “I’ll never forget walking down the promenade and finally getting to relax and forget about COVID for a few hours.” The feeling on the campus was very positive. Senior Jack Levari shared, “The Promenade was a very pleasant addition. I know that the parents really appreciated it and we were able to get some great pictures.”

Prep prom goes outdoors

Families snapped photos of their sons with their dates as they walked down the promenade. 


Matt Lynch ’21 and his date Alexa Spiers

Each table of eight people was under a tent, with food trucks providing the food fare such as tacos and cheesesteaks, as well as ice cream sandwiches. Pizza was delivered to each individual table later in the evening.

A DJ provided the atmosphere with students being able to dance together for the first time in over a year. Jack Levari ’21 summarized, “Being able to dance to a DJ for the first time in over a year was great, and seeing everybody dressed up on a beautiful spring day made it feel like things were almost normal again.” Lawn games were a big hit as well. Cornhole, Can Jam, as well as Jenga. Feeling thankful for the opportunity to be able to have a prom was a common sentiment the entire class shared. Declan Davis ’21 wished “I hope that prom is outside again it’s a nice change from the traditional prom theme.”




prom goes outdoors on campus

All the tents were lit as students played games, danced, and enjoyed food trucks.