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Student Government Brings Back Old Traditions While Bringing In New Traditions

Posted March 15th, 2021

“St. Augustine Prep is more than just a learning institution. It is a home where students come together to grow into men and develop lifelong friendships. In the spirit of the Brotherhood, the Student Executive Committee has placed ping pong tables across campus. By bringing back this old tradition of the Brotherhood, students will be able to enjoy time together and reset in between classes.” senior Cameron Compare announced. The Student Executive Committee has worked tirelessly this year to breathe normalcy into events and life on campus.

These student leaders have worked together to develop creative ways to enjoy the Brotherhood despite challenges posed by the pandemic and social distancing restrictions. The Executive Committee and the student body went straight to work and facilitated the purchase of a new ping-pong table, assisted in the proposal for an outdoor Senior Prom for the Class of 2021, and planned for the construction of a Beach Volleyball Court to be enjoyed by present and future Hermits!

student government at Prep

Executive Student Government members address classes about upcoming programs they will be bringing to the campus.

Elections for St. Augustine Prep Student Government Representatives were held in February. Students submitted a Google Form with a brief statement which identified their leadership traits and how they may best serve the school community. Nearly forty students participated in the nomination process.

The following students will join the eight members of the Executive  Committee as they plan future student activities, participate in a Summer Leadership Institute, and serve as an advisory council to modify the student handbook:

Class of 2021 – Student Representatives Jack Levari, Greyson Sapio, Tom McCormick, Nick Volpe, Edgar Valle.

The Representatives from the Class of 2022 – Ayden Pullman, Nicholas Galinus, Patrick Earnest, and Braeden Di Francisco

From the Class of 2023 – Andreas LaRosa, Ryan Marengo, Jimmy Bachman, and Michael Dostillio

From the Class of 2024 – Jake McGough, Eddie Vincent, Justin Ceccanecchio, Jude Vellaringattu, and Matteo Barberio.

Executive Committee

Cameron Compare ’21 – President

Mark Faverzani ’21 – Vice President

Jake Caselli ’21

Keshav Mathur ’21

Justin Brown ’21

Gary Mazza ’21

Ryan Boult ’22

Timothy Kubiak ’22

Student government bring back ping pong table.

What’s old is new in Richland, Ping Pong has a storied history at the Prep, and thanks to Student Government it makes its return after a brief hiatus!


Hermit Brotherhood Brings Old Traditions Back

Fr. Murray, O.S.A, Ph. D, Head of School showing off his ping pong skills at the new table from the Student Government.













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