Prep Talk

Student Web Design Project Becomes Father’s Business Website

Posted May 22nd, 2012


St. Augustine Prep Junior Anthony Sergi’s semester project for his Web Design class has turned out to be a class act in more ways than one: it has now become the public web site for his father’s landscaping company, A Touch of Grass Landscaping. “Anthony put a lot of work into the project to make it look as professional as possible,” said his instructor, Mr. Gregory Crandall. “All that hard work really shows in the results. He did an outstanding job.” The web site can be viewed at

Anthony prepared for his project by thoroughly reviewing similar web sites and collecting information and images of various landscaping projects his father had previously completed. Anthony made extensive use of concepts learned this year in Web Design, and also studied more advanced topics beyond the class curriculum to add elements based on javascript and other computer programming. The web site is accessible from computer desktops and mobile platforms, and is linked to social networking sites such as Facebook.

The web site has a deceptively simple design based on a dynamic web template that was customized to include multiple layers of functionality and interactive features such as rollover displays, drop down menus and online forms. “The text in the website is formatted to show off key points of text,” said Anthony. “The key points and headings are different colors, bolded or italics. The typography of the website is used to visually attract users to the key or main aspects that I want users or clients to see, so that I can help keep their interest on my site.”

Like any good web site, this one is a “work in progress” that will continually be updated with new content and features, allowing it to grow and evolve as needed. “The possibilities on the website I have created are endless, and I could have created this website any number of different ways,” said Anthony. As for his future plans, he added, “In all I am very happy with the results and I hope to use my new found skills of website design learned this year to create my own web design site.”

Anthony will be starting his senior year at the Prep in the Fall and we all look forward to seeing those plans come to fruition in the future.

Photo: Anthony Sergi is pictured delivering a presentation on the website he created for his father’s business.