Prep Talk

Students Attend Augustinian Values Institute in San Diego

Posted October 25th, 2013


On October 17-20 Josh Ammirato, Austin Christy, Alex Clark, Ben Clark, Jake O’Neill, and TJ Reed, accompanied by Fr. Patrick and Mr. Justin LoSasso, traveled to St. Augustine High School in San Diego, California, to attend the Student Augustinian Values Institute (S.A.V.I.).

S.A.V.I is an event sponsored by the Augustinian Provinces and their respective high schools which draws together students from nine high schools, across the U.S. and Canada. The weekend experience is built around the Augustinian values of Unitas, Veritas, Caritas: Unity, Truth, and Love. This yearly event is designed to help students from all Augustinian sponsored high schools to come together and share their common experience of Augustinian education and what makes it unique. The goal is for each school, through various presentations and small group discussions, to clearly see themselves as equal contributors to the unique vision of Augustinian secondary education, centered on its animating charism of unity, truth, and love. Our boys arrived on Thursday afternoon and quickly made themselves at home. They were particularly eager to share their love for St. Augustine Prep by teaching the other schools some of their favorite cheers. Many of the other schools were particularly struck by the obvious school spirit we enjoy at the Prep. Many friendships were made and we look forward to some future collaboration with Malvern Prep in particular. Our boys came back with some very good ideas to help further the mission here at St. Augustine Prep, and we hope to implement these in the months ahead. The next S.A.V.I. will be hosted at Villanova Prep in Ojai, California, in April 2015.