Prep Talk

A Sweet Day In Richland

Posted January 8th, 2018

Prepared by Craig (’19) and Anthony Ambrose (’21)

Mr. Justin Zaslow of Pierre’s Chocolates (New Hope, Pennsylvania) made a special trip to St. Augustine to speak with the Culinary Discoveries Club during Enrichment Period.  He is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute of NYC and a passionate chocolatier.  Culinary Discoveries welcomed Justin to Richland to learn more about life as a chocolatier, the daily operations of Pierre’s Chocolates and the detailed process of producing gourmet chocolates.  The day also involved the sampling of some of the fine chocolates that Mr. Zaslow helps produce for Pierre’s. In addition to learning more about chocolates from around the world, Justin provided some business advice for any future entrepreneurs.

The day was made possible by the creation of the Culinary Discoveries Club.  St. Augustine offers numerous leadership opportunities and provides our young men the opportunity to create their own club or activity.  This allows them the freedom to experience a journey of creative discovery through unique programs allowing them to expand and share their talents.

Mr. Zaslow ended the presentation by inviting Chef Berti and our students to make a trip to his shop very soon.  For now, please visit and see what other treasures this famous chocolate store offers. They specialize in truffles, caramels, and all sorts of holiday sweets! Be sure to check out their blog to see Justin’s incredible passion for chocolate!