Prep Talk

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Blystone

Posted May 15th, 2022

By: Connor Bogan ’24

Mr. Blystone was born in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, located in the small suburbs of Philadelphia. His birthday is on August 28th, which is the same day as the Feast of St. Augustine. He shared that his family was actively involved in the local parish, and as a job he worked as a lifeguard. Mr. Blystone had a great childhood, as well as a good group of friends. His parents emphasized doing well in school but also were not too overbearing. In his classes, he was strongest in the humanities, but not as strong in math and science. Mr. Blystone earned a Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude in History from Saint Joseph’s University, as well as a Master of Arts Degree in History from Villanova University. 

After graduating from college in 2008, Mr. Blystone taught for one year in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He sent his information to several different schools, and around that same time learned about Saint Augustine Prep. On June 25, 2009, Mr. Blystone was asked to interview for a job position at the Prep and was hired soon after. He says that he will always remember the day he interviewed, since it was the same day Michael Jackson tragically passed away. 

Mr. Blystone has worked at the Prep in the History Department for thirteen years, and continues to serve the Brotherhood today. Mr. Blystone states that his main goal in teaching is to make even the most boring subjects and historical periods interesting. He enjoys teaching about the Civil War the most. Although he is disappointed that he can’t always teach it to his students, Mr. Blystone’s favorite historical period is World War II. His favorite historical figure is Saint Thomas More. More’s principle and character stand out to him, and he “was truly the man for all seasons.” Outside of school, you can find Mr. Blystone engrossed in a history book, watching sports, or hanging out with his friends and family.

Saint Augustine Prep has greatly influenced Mr. Blystone as a person. He feels it gives him a chance to be part of something bigger than himself. Identifying with a larger mission and group has had a huge impact on him. Mr. Blystone says that the Prep has not changed over time as most people think it has. “A student who graduated from a class twenty years ago would have done just as well now. Saint Augustine Prep’s main strength has always been its great teachers and students, and that’s what I think makes it special.” 

When it comes to current events, Mr. Blystone prefers to live more in the past than the present, since it helps him focus more on the positives. Mr. Blystone hopes to continue to supply a lively and educational learning environment for his students and make history as fascinating as possible.