Prep Talk

Technology Checklist

Posted August 20th, 2013


Before the start of school all students should:

1) Read the Computer Acceptable Use policy found in the Student Handbook here.

2) Log into your email. If any difficulties here, email

3) Before your Tablet will connect to the Prep WiFi, you need to install the Bradford security app. This must be done from home. Do home preparation tasks on your iPad and Android Tablets, instructions here. The document also instructs what you should do when on campus with your Tablet to complete the WiFi connection to PrepWireless. If you do not succeed in getting your Tablet connected to PrepWireless, anyone of the IT staff can assist: Mr. Garufi Sr., Mr. Garufi Jr., Mr. Griffiths or Mr. Crandall

4) Laptop connection to PrepWireless WiFi:

  • For MAC, If you are technologically proficient you can find a step-by-step set of instructions for connecting to PrepWireless here. If you need assistance, complete the Drop-off form here and see Mr.Garufi Jr. in the Augustinian Hall Tech Office.
  • For Windows laptop connection to Prep WiFi, complete the Drop-off form here and Mr. Garufi Sr. in the Forum Tech Office will configure for you.

5) Forgot how to access your email address? Click here for instructions.

6) Logging onto school computers:

  • If you are using student computers located in the labs, library, classrooms etc. Username: Lastname.Firstname; (on classroom computers, see below.) Password: case sensitive, the same one used for your email account ( if you don’t recall yours, email with what you want for a password. It must have at least one capital, at least one lower case, at least one number, at least 8 in length, cannot have username imbedded within.
  • If you are using a teacher’s classroom computer: Username: STUDENT\Lastname.Firstname (not case sensitive) Password: same note as above, passwords ARE case sensitive.