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Noah Davis-Logan ’22 and the Multicultural Club Shines Light on the Significance of Black History Month

Posted February 28th, 2022

As we end the month of February, our Multicultural Club at St. Augustine Prep celebrated and recognized various contributions of famous Black Americans at a presentation to the school community. The presentation included the rich history of Africa before slavery and imperialism and the mission and importance of the Civil Rights Movement. The Multicultural Club highlighted people who have helped pave the way and made impactful breakthroughs even through the racial barrier like Thurgood Marshall, Maya Angelou, and Jordan Peele.

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Noah Davis-Logan ’22 shares to the Prep student body about Maya Angelou’s achievements.

In addition to the school-wide presentation, the Multicultural Club is selling Solidarity bracelets for $3 to the school community with all proceeds going to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission in Atlantic City. The club will be selling the bracelets for a limited time. Please reach out to Noah Davis-Logan ’22 to purchase your bracelet.

Prep Celebrates Black History Month

The Multicultural Club at St. Augustine Prep.