Prep Talk

The New Look Hermits: St. Augustine Prep Unveils New Athletic Logo

Posted June 18th, 2013


The athletic mascot of St. Augustine Prep has been the Hermit since the inception of the school in 1959. The Catholic, Augustinian, College-Preparatory school in Richland has had three different versions of a Hermit logo and on Monday, June 16, the school unveiled its fourth.

A logo of the first Hermit emerged in the 1960s and was created in the likeness of Fr. Joseph Toscani, O.S.A.., an early school President. That logo was replaced by a student-created version with a long white beard. In 1998, the administration commissioned a logo based on the bearded, club-carrying student version.

So where does the term, “Hermits” come from? The namesake of the school, St. Augustine of Hippo, fifth century bishop of North Africa and Doctor of the Church, wrote Rule of Life for men and women who wished to live together in community and “to be of one mind and one heart intent upon God.”  This monastic Rule was passed down and followed through the centuries and is still followed today.  In the thirteenth-century, Pope Innocent IV called together several eremitical communities who were living in the hills of Tuscany, Italy, and united them under the Rule of St. Augustine.  In 1256, several other groups of hermits were joined with the Tuscan group to form the Order of Hermits of St. Augustine.  This remained the title of the Order until 1968, when it was shortened to the Order of St. Augustine.

The Hermits name was chosen at St. Augustine Prep to honor the founders of the school. The new rendition of the Hermit was created to reflect the origin of the term by resembling a friar wearing a cowl (a long, hooded religious vestment). The Hermit also features a Fire mark on its torso. The mark symbolizes the Augustinian concept of the “heart on fire,” which describes the passion by which St. Augustine sought to know God. The Fire is the same that appears on the Official School Seal.