Prep Talk

Third Semester Registration and New Course Offerings

Posted October 16th, 2012


Registration for all Third Semester courses concludes on Friday, October 26.

To register for a course, a student must fill out the registration form which can be found here or outside the Academics Office. Submit this form and deposit (see form for deposit details) to the Bursar Office, Mrs. Sharon Flamini, located in the Administration Hallway of the Forum. If you are registering for an EF Tour course, please see the course instructor for details to register and pay deposit online. All other courses will submit form and payment through our Bursar Office.

Course outlines and details can be found on NetCommunity, or by clicking here.

These courses are now closed:

1)      Historic Boston

2)      Leadership: Disney Style

3)      Mental Toughness Boot Camp

4)      Quebec

We are adding two new courses to the registration form:

1)      Organized Crime in Film and Society (Cost – FREE)

  1. Mr. Siciliano, fanatic of the movie Godfather, and Mr. Valore, enthusiast of the movie Casino, will teach a course about the history of organized crime in movies and society. They will combine stories from real life criminals with the fictional accounts in film and TV to emphasize the impact of organized crime on our society. This course will begin May 28 and conclude on June 6– Popcorn Included!

2)      Washington DC – (Cost $650)

  1. You will spend five days in the nation’s capital visiting all the sites. More details can be found on NetCommunity soon.

If you have any questions about Third Semester Registration, please contact