Prep Talk

Third Semester Students Receive Academic Awards

Posted February 3rd, 2012


A recent third semester trip to France yielded extensive recognition for the academic achievements of our students. As part of a pilot program through EF Tours, a company that organizes educational tours, several St. Augustine Prep students have been recognized for academic achievement.  Andrew Sager (Class of 2013) won the WeShare Authentic Research Award for his comparison of the vehicles in France to vehicles in the United States. Jeff Liu (Class of 2012) won the Investigator Award for his careful observations of the differences between traffic systems in the United States and Europe. James Vance (Class of 2013) won the Creative Multimedia Award for his unique and imaginative presentation of photos and video clips of French cathedrals. Chris Wolcott (Class of 2013) won the Most Original Research Question Award for his thought-provoking inquiry into the presence of law enforcement in France. Omarr Rambert-Daniels (Class of 2013) won the Photography Award for his perceptive images of graffiti in France.

Several other students were presented Honorable Mention Awards for making valuable contributions to global education and international understanding: Alexander Kaplitz (Class of 2013) for his research on price comparisons between the US and France; Robert Ferrari (Class of 2013) for his research on male satchels in France; Michael Welch (Class of 2013) for his research on the French video game market; James Morrone (Class of 2013) for his research on differences between French and American desserts; James Lucchesi (Class of 2012) for his research on French cuisine; Mason Thompson (Class of 2012) for his research on sport popularity in France; Brian Tindall (Class of 2013) for his research on public transit in Paris; Andrew Miner (Class of 2013) for his research on the knives used in WWII, and Franklin Oertle (Class of 2012) for his research on the typical lunch in Paris.

The students were presented with awards ranging in value from $150 to $15 from EF Tours at the class convocations on January 25.