Dear St. Augustine Prep School Community, 

We are excited to invite you to our 2022 SpeakUp! Event on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 7PM. This event will be held at St. Augustine Prep. Please pre-register HERE . 

SpeakUp! is a youth-driven, interactive program that brings youth, school adults, and parenting adults together for real dialogue on the topics our students want to discuss. The number one protective factor in a young person’s life is a positive relationship with a trusted adult. SpeakUp! is committed to building supportive relationships between students and adults. SpeakUp!’s 2020-2021 data showed 96% of participants plan to use what they learned at SpeakUp! to build stronger relationships. 

Impacts for Parenting Adults who attend SpeakUp! include: 

Gain insight and an appreciation for youth perspectives and challenges 

Learn from the experiences of other parenting adults 

Practice skills to help listen to and support youth 

See schools as partners in helping youth thrive 

SpeakUp! is an opportunity for: 

Students to become more self-aware, empathetic, and comfortable speaking up and to strengthen relationships with peers and adults 

School Adults to further build trusting relationships with youth and parenting adults.

Our community to collectively create a culture of having courageous conversations and to build supportive relationships. 

I encourage you to make SpeakUp! a priority. If you have previously attended, come again. The conversation is always unique, and the results show the greatest impact for repeat participants! 

Finally, thank you to our Student Leadership Team, Moderators, and School Facilitators, who have taken the lead to make this event possible! We are proud to be a SpeakUp! school and hope you can join us for this unique and insightful experience. 


The Office of College Counseling and Student Services