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From its early days in 1959, the mascot for St. Augustine Preparatory School has always been the Hermit. Today, many wonder why that peculiar name was chosen. In reality, there is a rich history behind the selection.

St. Augustine Prep was founded by the Augustinians–the Order of St. Augustine, a religious community of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church that traces its spiritual roots back to the great St. Augustine of Hippo, fifth century bishop of North Africa and Doctor of the Church. Before his death in 430, Augustine wrote a Rule of life for men and women who wished to live together in community and “to be of one mind and one heart intent upon God.” This Rule was passed down and followed through the centuries and is still followed today. In the 13th century, Pope Innocent IV called together several eremitical communities who were living in the hills of Tuscany, Italy, and united them under the Rule of St. Augustine. In 1256, several other groups of hermits were joined with the Tuscan group to form the Order of Hermits of St. Augustine. This remained the title of the Order until 1968, when it was shortened to the Order of St. Augustine.

Thus, the St. Augustine Prep Hermits took their name from the Augustinians who founded the school. It seemed quite appropriate at the time (and still does) because, like their forebears who lived in community in the rural hills of Tuscany, the Prep seeks to instill a deep notion of brotherhood and community in the rural setting of “Richland’s Proud and Peaceful Glen” (our Alma Mater).

Although the Order of St. Augustine is no longer referred to as “hermits,” the St. Augustine Prep Hermits carry on the rich legacy of brotherhood and community they received from their founders.

Strength and Conditioning

St. Augustine Prep takes great pride in the education of the entire student: mind, body, and spirit. Consistent with this mission, the school has enjoyed a distinguished tradition of excellence in developing scholar-athletes. Most students at St. Augustine Prep will take the Lifetime Fitness course under the direction of Tim Fingerhut and Peter Lancetta. Students are introduced immediately in their freshman year to the proper techniques of weight lifting, spotting, and resistance training. In addition, our scholar-athletes learn the inherent dangers of steroids and drugs, glean information regarding the pros and cons of sports supplements, and are provided with nutritional information to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

The class is available to the entire student body and consistently promotes responsibility, confidence, goal setting, motivation, accountability, and other important life skills that teenage boys need. This program has helped athletes and non-athletes alike achieve tangible results including a reduction in injuries, fewer missed school days, higher levels of participation in extracurricular activities, and a more focused work ethic.

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