Hermit Brotherhood and the College Process

Hermit Brotherhood and the College Process

While the thought of graduating and leaving Richland’s Proud and Peaceful Glen may cause sadness in many of our Christian Gentlemen; what many do not realize is that the full extent of his relationship with St. Augustine Prep has just begun.  The college journey simply represents the next step in the evolution of our Hermits.

Mr. Bill Tyrrell, a graduate of the class of 1991, embodies the spirit of Brotherhood by sharing his knowledge and expertise with his Hermit Brothers.   Mr. Tyrrell addressed the senior class during enrichment period and provided them with a course on interview skills and techniques.  He spoke on many subjects ranging from how to use social media to your benefit, to warming up to your interviewer. He also explained how to make both parties feel relaxed within the interview, as well as giving tips on preparedness and proper attire.  This is all an area of familiarity for the 1991 alumnus, Mr. Tyrrell has hired hundreds of college graduates and over 500 technical and nontechnical consultants/contract professionals during his 10+ years of experience in technology staffing and business development.

The advice of Mr. Tyrrell comes at a critical time for this year’s crop of seniors.  Thursday, October 5th, will bring 24 professionals from the Prep Community onto campus to assist our seniors in further preparation of College Interview Day.  The mock interview session with our gracious volunteers has traditionally served our students well.  Many students receive instant acceptances but even more impressive, several acceptances are accompanied by generous scholarship offers.  Mr. Tyrrell’s advice is a valuable resource for all of our students and his generosity is a model for both current and future St. Augustine Prep Alumni.

Although this year’s mock interview day has been booked, the Department of College Guidance is always looking for volunteers for this critical day for the senior class.  This is an annual event and you may contact Ms. Colleen Salvati (salvati.colleen@hermits.com) to inquire about participating in next year’s installment!  You may also learn more about the college process at St. Augustine Prep below or visit College Connections.

College Guidance Happenings

Mock Interviews – October 5
Scarpa Building
24 Prep Community professional volunteers
Working with senior students on interview skills in preparation for College Interview Day on October 12th

On October 5th all seniors will be participating in mock interviews. Each student will have one 10 minute interview and they must arrive at the Study Commons 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time. The interviews start at 7:30 am and will complete at 9:30 am.

College Interview Day – October 12th
Scarpa – 8:30 am
18 Colleges and Universities represented by college admissions professionals
8 schools offering instant decisions that day

On October 12th, most of the seniors will be participating in College InterviewDay. This event features 18 colleges, eight of which will provide an immediate college admissions decision. This event will encompass the entire school day.

Arcadia University (*Instant Decision Optional*)
Catholic University of America
Drew University
Drexel University
Elizabethtown University
Fairleigh Dickinson University (*Instant Decision Optional*)
La Salle University
Merrimack College (*Instant Decision Optional*)
Moravian College (*Instant Decision Optional*)
Neumann University (*Instant Decision Optional*)
Rider University (*Instant Decision Optional*)
Seton Hall University
St. Joseph’s University – A
St. Joseph’s University – B
Stockton University
The University of Tampa (*Instant Decision Optional*)
Ursinus College
Villanova University
Widener University (*Instant Decision Optional*)

On-site College Campus Visits
For an updated list of on-site college visits please visit College Connections.