Young Alumni Survey Results Summary

Young Alumni Survey Results Summary


St. Augustine Prep Young Alumni Survey Results Summary


From October 28 – December 6, 2021 the Advancement Office conducted a survey to gather ideas, opinions and updated contact information from graduates of the classes of 2012-2021. The results from the survey will be used to assist the Prep in tailoring communications, events and services to recent graduates. Key results and outcomes are below:

  • 252 alumni completed the survey
  • 88% provided their names and updated contact information
  • On average, 27 responses were received from each class between 2012 and 2021 with the class of 2020 as the high (34 responses) and the class of 2021 as the low (19 responses)

Overall Opinions

  • 97% were satisfied or very Satisfied with their experience as a student.
  • 94% are currently satisfied or very satisfied with the Prep.
  • 62% are satisfied or very satisfied with their experience as an alumnus; as compared to 33% indifferent and 5% dissatisfied.


  • 70% welcome more information regarding professional networking with other alumni.
  • 80% occasionally or regularly read alumni emails and 81% engage on social media.
  • 97% feel the Prep sends the right amount or welcome more email communications.
  • In order of Importance from least important to most important, the results are print mail, Prep website, alumni newsletter, email, and social media.
  • 58% would welcome more invitations to alumni activities and an additional 40% noted they receive just the right amount of invitations.


  • 70% noted the regularly endorse the Prep to others and 61% listed they regularly stay in touch with other alumni.
  • The top 3 barriers to participating in alumni activities are time commitments, geographical distance, and unsure of how to get involved. Only 3% of responses included “I Do Not Want To” as a barrier.
  • 73% would like to engage with the Alumni Office with in-person events; 68% noted social media; 31% noted volunteering; and 20% noted virtual events.


  • 44% were not aware the Prep is a charitable organization that receives donations.
  • 79% noted they did not feel it is important alumni their age give to the Prep.
  • 56% have not financially supported the Prep, but plan to in the future; 30% noted they have financially supported the Prep and plan to continue (or increase) in the future; only 15% noted they do not plan to give in the future.

For more information on getting involved with young alumni activities at the Prep, please contact:
Mr. Brendan Towell
Associate Director for Admissions and Alumni Leadership
856-697-2600 ext. 131