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Mr. Prep 2015 Crowned

Posted May 11th, 2015

The stage was set for a night for laughs, good times, and the crowning of Mr. Prep 2015. Contestants showcased a wide variety of “talents” in the spotlight, modeled casual wear, and performed in group dances.

This year’s contestants included Mr. January, Ryan Brown; Mr. February, Warren Miles; Mr. March, Mike Illiano; Mr. April, Max Lamcken; Mr. May, Dom Levari; Mr. June, Nick Scelso; Mr. July, Nick D’Archangelo; Mr. August, George Steffa; Mr. September, JP Kolnik; Mr. October, Lane Dilg; Mr. November, James Cottrell; and Mr. December, Vince Dragone.

After a night of tough competition, Mr. April, Max Lamcken, was deemed Mr. Prep 2015. Congratulations to all the boys for their hard work and enthusiasm; it was a show to remember!

Watch the entire contest here!