Hermits News Hub

Hermits News Hub

The Prep’s series of newsletters and blogs seek to continue the search for Truth, Unity, and Love through written word. Composed by students, faculty, staff, and other members of the Prep family, these posts are sure to inform, intrigue, and inspire you.



This is a “Head’s Up” for the school community from the Head of School.  This weekly newsletter provides Prep families with updated information for the upcoming week at the Prep. 

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Prep News Blog

Prep News highlights the most recent student achievements, campus events, alumni updates, and much more. From the latest school news to the most helpful academic tips, whether you are a student, alum, faculty member, or parent, Prep Talk is your go-to source for all of the exciting happenings here at the Prep.

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Alumni Brotherhood Blog

A Hermit’s journey is just beginning following graduation. Follow the achievements of our proud graduates as they “exit as men to serve.”

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The Tolle Lege Blog

“Tolle Lege” or “Take up and read” were the words heard by Augustine from a mysterious voice during his transformational conversion to Christianity.  He was implored by that voice to read the first passage he came across in the Bible.  In that spirit, the Prep’s Tolle Lege Blog shares insight into how boys learn during their transformational educational experience at St. Augustine Prep.

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Veritas Speaker Series

As its name implies, the Veritas Speaker Series seeks to bring truth to our students through inspirational and thought-provoking addresses made by some of the nation’s most influential figures. In this blog, you will find first-hand accounts written by students, faculty, and staff who attended and were moved by these important lectures.

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Prep News Online

Not to be confused with the Prep News Blog, this online platform shares the collective work of our resident student journalists.  This is the long-standing club in the history of the school dating back to it’s first publication in 1962.  Prep News continues the tradition of being the voice of the Hermit Brotherhood

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