Third Semester

In addition to rigorous, college-preparatory coursework, St. Augustine Prep students participate in a variety of unique programs that complement their academic studies and prepare them to be contributory members of their world.

St. Augustine’s Third Semester program is an innovative academic experience that fosters empathy and global engagement. Third Semester courses offer Prep students a chance to study in an immersive environment which may include foreign travel, practical or professional study, social work, or intense academic research.

In order to ensure the health and safety of all travelers and to avoid potential problems while abroad as much as possible, all students on international trips are required to be fully vaccinated in order to take part in such trips.

Per the U.S. State Department passports must have 6 months of validity remaining on them to use for travel. Therefore, if a passport is set to expire at any point in 2022, it must be renewed prior to travel on Third Semester trips in May and June of 2022.

Renewal dates are subject to your particular trip, but EF generally requires passport information 110 days before departure.

In the event that a student must quarantine during the trip, EF has provided for coverage under their Covid Care Policy. These benefits are provided at no additional cost to the traveler and are fully outlined on EF’s policy page.

Please note: Students traveling on non-EF tours are required to purchase a Private COVID Insurance Policy.  Information will be provided by the lead teacher of those non-EF tours.

If, at any time up to 110 days prior to departure, you decide that you no longer wish to travel, you have two options:

  • Receive a refund from EF, except for $500 (due to the need to reserve a flight and other travel accommodations)
  • Transfer your money (100%) into a voucher that can be used on a trip in 2023

Additionally, if travel conditions change due to COVID-related issues within the 110-day window and the scheduled trips are forced to postpone or reschedule, the same options (refund or voucher) will remain in place. These policies are explained in full under EF’s Peace of Mind Program.

Please note: Students traveling on non-EF tours are required to purchase Private Trip Insurance.  Information will be provided by the lead teacher of those non-EF tours.

All international courses are only open to underclassmen, seniors may not register for these courses at this time.  Third Semester trips are for students only, parents are not permitted to accompany any of the courses listed.

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Price: $3,700 based on double occupancy (plus $100 cash for bus driver tips) – 10 nights, airfare & transfers

Student Eligibility: Open to underclassmen only (No Seniors)

Seats Available: 35

Lead Teacher: Mr. Casolaro

Dates: March 11, 2022 – March 20, 2022

Registration: This trip is NOT sponsored by EF; in-person registration will be held on Thursday, December 2 during Community Time.  Please refer to the email sent on November 29 for additional instructions or contact Mr. Casolaro or Mrs. Vogelsong.

Description:  Your Adventure Awaits in Sorrento & Roma – Take the direct flight from Philly to Roma on American Airlines. Spend five nights in Sorrento with daily breakfast, three dinners, and a trip along the coast for a spectacular lunch; followed by four nights in Rome, daily breakfast and two dinners, as well as a half-day bus tour of the city.

Experience the breathtaking views of Sorrento from the Hotel Eden. In the heart of Sorrento, you are minutes away from the historical centre with its Cathedral and Bell Tower and many magnificent churches.  Along the way, wander down the narrow streets full of shops, cafes, restaurants and beautiful piazzas. You will also take a journey down the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast.  Stop along the way to enjoy the panoramic sights on the way to lunch at Fattoria LaTagliata in Monte Pertuso. Plenty of time to explore Positano/Amalfi or take a ferry to Capri.

It is hard to say what you will find most breathtaking about the Eternal City: the opulence of the Vatican, the grandeur of the Coliseum, the magnificence of the Trevi Fountain or the simplicity of a local café.

Peaceful and quiet, the Hotel Ponte Sisto is located within walking distance of the fascinating Piazza Navona, the incredible Campo de’ Fiori, and many other Roman favorites! You will visit sites that only the Romans know. Your tour will include a visit to the magnificent Vatican Museum. 

*Additional fee of $100 cash for transportation tips. Covid Insurance Policy also required.

**This is not an EF Tour

Price: $4,620

Student Eligibility: Open to underclassmen only (No Seniors)

Seats Available: 14

Lead Teacher: Mr. Grealis

Dates: (Tentative) June 1, 2022 – June 10, 2022


Description:  Japan has had many identities through the centuries; its story is a fascinating one. Tokyo is the modern-day center of pop culture and business – explore it from the Harajuku shopping district to Akihabara electric town. Kyoto remains the most traditional of the big cities- visit the Golden Pavilion, Niji Castle, the often-photographed Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine, and the bamboo forest. The country has unsurpassed natural beauty—see it from the window of the high-speed shinkansen bullet train and in the majestic lakes and mountains of Hakone National Park. Experience this once isolated Eastern Culture and indulge in its Cuisine on what will definitely be the journey of a lifetime.

Price: $6,355

Student Eligibility: Open to underclassmen only (No Seniors)

Seats Available: 4

Lead Teacher: Mrs. Shaner

Dates: (Tentative) June 28, 2022 – July 11, 2022


Description:  Discover the Scandinavian life! Unwind in a Finnish sauna and pedal through the colorful capital of Denmark to see firsthand why these Nordic countries have topped the UN’s World Happiness Report.  Your journey starts in Helsinki then heads to Stockholm to experience fika – the tasty tradition of sharing coffee with friends – and channel your inner-Nobel Laureate while there.  Your last stop is Copenhagen, an eco-friendly city that inspires fairytales and understands the importance of emracing life’s little pleasures.  End your trip in Berlin, where you’ll come together with other students and teachers to focus on The Impact of Sports & Wellness around the world.

Price: $5,720

Student Eligibility: Open to underclassmen only (No Seniors)

Seats Available: 4

Lead Teacher: Mr. Boody

Dates: (Tentative) June 6 – June 16, 2021


Description: Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Cape Town
While this country’s spotted and striped inhabitants are memorable, it’s the social, political, and cultural lessons of South Africa that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Standing in Nelson Mandela’s former home adds powerful context to his fight for democracy and reconciliation, while Cape Town is a favorite destination for many thanks to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and stunning scenery. As you explore South Africa’s cultural diversity, remarkable wildlife, and natural landmarks, you’ll begin to understand the story of an entire continent.

2021-22 Third Semester Course Catalog


Signature Programs at St. Augustine

Caritas Project

The Caritas Program is a service-oriented requirement of 100 or more hours through which rising seniors enrich the local and/or global community. Projects are entirely student-designed and student-driven and may be completed individually or in small groups. Recent endeavors include Costa Rica Lacrosse & Service, Summertime Swing Music Tour, and The Garden Project at St. Mary School.

Unitas Program

The relationship between teacher and student is vital to nurturing curiosity and a passion for learning at St. Augustine. Unitas connects freshmen with faculty advisors who support their students in their quest for knowledge.

Third Semester

The Third Semester Program allows underclassmen to become students of the world outside the classroom. Whether engaged in learning opportunities locally or internationally, students are forever changed by these dynamic experiences.