High School
is a Big Step.

The experiences you have over the next four years will shape your future in ways you can’t even imagine.

  • More Independence

    You’ll have the freedom to chart your own path.

  • Important Relationships

    The friends you choose can lift you up or pull you down.

  • Big Decisions

    It’s time to start thinking about what’s next after high school.

Welcome to the Brotherhood.

Are you ready to join a family of like-minded men who will push you to be your best and become your friends for life?

  • Explore together
  • Grow together
  • Even fail together

St. Augustine is a safe place for you to be yourself without the added pressures and distractions of a
co-ed environment.

Start Here

Go Far

If you’re college bound, choosing the right high school matters.

  • 99%
    of St. Augustine graduates go to college.
  • 42
    Honors and AP courses offered.
  • Every student has a personal academic advisor.

Challenge Yourself to Greatness.

This is no place for students looking to coast. St. Augustine will put you on a path to high achievement.

  • Focus on your grades
  • Set measurable goals for the future
  • Prepare for admission to your top-choice colleges

Discover Your Passion

Hone your unique talents and develop leadership skills.

  • 20+
    Competitive Athletic Teams
  • Award-Winning Fine Arts Programs
  • 40+
    Interest Based Clubs
  • Numerous Student Leadership Opportunities

Enjoy the Journey

It’s not all about the destination. While you’re preparing for college, you’ll have a blast making memories.

Represent #HermitPride
Enjoy fun and rewarding activities throughout the year
Feel the energy at campus sporting events

Education Without Limits

Get out of the classroom and experience real-world learning.

Job shadowing at major corporations
Regular service projects
Foreign travel opportunities

St. Augustine Prep alumni are living out their passions and enjoying productive careers.

  • Austin Johnson

    Class of 2012 (Los Angeles Chargers, National Football League)

  • Chris Gheysens

    Class of 1989 (CEO & President of Wawa, Inc.)

  • Brian Napoli

    Class of 1998 (Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Philadelphia Eagles)