Head's UpDATE

Head’s UpDATE

Last Updated: November 11, 2019 – 8 am

Upcoming events for the week of November 11 – November 15:

***Online Registration for Winter Sports is now openCLICK HERE to begin the registration process.***


11 Monday

  • Cathedral Kitchen – Report to Study Commons at the end of break (1:45 pm). Students leave on a bus from St. Augustine Prep at 2:00 PM and return at 6:30 PM (Washington Township drop off at 5:45 pm).

12 Tuesday

  • Study Commons closed during Enrichment Period for Guidance presentation.
  • Bowling – Mandatory meeting during Enrichment period in Mr. Siciliano’s office in Augustinian Hall.
  • Career Pathway Presentation: Federal Aviation Administration and Admissions Director from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Study Commons during Enrichment period) For more information please CLICK HERE.
  • Las Vegas Third Semester Mandatory Parent Meeting – 6:15 pm (Dining Hall)

13 Wednesday

  • Convocation II
  • Sophomore Retreat to Camden from Wednesday, November 13 – Friday, November 15. For retreat information please visit your resources page in MyPrep.


DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Monday, November 11

Please click on the drop-down menus for your desired announcements


  • If your child is going to be absent, please report his absence to Mrs. Auger at ext. 139 or mrs.auger@hermits.com.
  • If your child will be late, he should report to the building of his next class and sign in at that office.
  • If you are picking your child up early, please go to Mrs. Auger’s office in the Scarpa Building to sign him out. Mrs. Auger will call your child out of class when you arrive. Please do not text him to meet you there. 
  • Any student who arrives unexcused after 9:45 am will not be able to participate in any athletic events/practices or extracurricular activities that day.
  • If a student is not feeling well, he should visit the nurse in the Forum.



Dear Prep Community,

I want to extend my gratitude to all for a very successful Open House 2019 – the largest in the history of St. Augustine Preparatory School.  Our guests heard from students, faculty, staff and the Leadership Team about what makes an education at St. Augustine Prep an exceptional and transformational experience.

Perhaps it’s the Catholic Augustinian mission of Truth, Unity, and Love, or the outstanding academic and co-curriculum programs. Perhaps it’s the hours of annual community service performed by our students, or the day- to -day experience that makes “The Prep” a special place – a place that attracts students who want to think critically, act compassionately and succeed while serving others. 

A sincere thank you to our Admissions Staff especially, to Mr. Valore, Mr. Towell, Mrs. Hrapczynski and Mrs. Ward for the outstanding planning that went into the day.  Likewise, a special note of appreciation to our Facilities and Dining Hall Departments. Many guests have complimented the service that you have provided.

In Augustine,

Fr. Murray, OSA

Freshman Announcements

  • SCRIP Orders: Manny Aponte, Gavin Curran, Nicholas Elentrio, Brandon Nguyen, Mateo Trivellini and Sawyer Widecrantz please pick up your order at the Prep Shop.
  • Picture Day – If you have not had your school/ID picture taken yet, the final retake day is Thurs., Nov. 21. (8 am-2 pm). Portrait information HERE

Sophomore Announcements

  • Picture Day – If you have not had your school/ID picture taken yet, the final retake day is Thurs., Nov. 21. (8 am-2 pm). Portrait information HERE

Junior Announcements

  • Picture Day – If you have not had your school/ID picture taken yet, the final retake day is Thurs., Nov. 21. (8 am-2 pm). Portrait information HERE
  • ALL JUNIORS are required to register for Cathedral Kitchen Retreat. Click HERE

Senior Announcements

  • SCRIP Orders: Justin Crawford, Anthony Gurcsik and Cole Powers please pick up your order in the Prep Shop.

General Announcements

  • Study Commons closed Tuesday during Enrichment Period for Career Pathway Presentation.
  • School Play – The Addams Family (November 20, 21 and 22 at the Landis Theater in Vineland at 7 pm)
  • Las Vegas Third Semester Mandatory Parent Meeting – Tuesday, November 12 at 6:15 pm (Dining Hall)
  • LOST LANYARDS/IDs – Students must wear their school issued lanyard with their student ID and door entrance key card as part of their uniform. Students who lose their lanyard are required to replace it. Please go to the Business Office to order a new student ID ($5) and a new key card ($10) and the Prep Shop for a lanyard ($5).
  • Current parents who have prospective 8th grade students who will be applying for the 2020-2021 academic year are asked to watch this short video, HERE, on how to begin the application process through your existing MyPrep Account.
  • Dining Services – Please check your son’s lunch account and take care of any negative balances ASAP. Thank you!
  • AP EXAMS – Students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes who plan to take College Board Advanced Placement exams in May are reminded of the new payment policies that require FULL payment of $94 per AP exam by Nov. 1. After Nov. 1 deadline, a $40 late fee per exam will be charged. Exams canceled after Friday, Nov. 1 or not taken will incur an unused/cancelled exam fee of $40. Please see Mrs. Vogelsong for details.
  • Yearbooks purchased last year can be picked up in the Forum Main Office.
  • Cathedral Kitchen Retreats – Please refer to the “Resources” page on MyPrep for your specific retreat dates.
  • Retreat Dates: ALL STUDENTS please refer to the “Resources” page in MyPrep for your retreat dates.
  • Picture Day (underclassmen) – If you have not had your school/ID picture taken yet, the final retake day is Thurs., Nov. 21. (8 am-2 pm). Portrait information HERE

Athletic Announcements

  • Bowling – Mandatory meeting on Tuesday, November 12 during Enrichment period in Mr. Siciliano’s office in Augustinian Hall.

College Guidance Announcements

  • For a list of all upcoming College Visitations to campus, please CLICK HERE 
  • Please follow the steps found HERE to register on NAVIANCE|Student for upcoming college events and presentations.
  • For upcoming SAT dates and registration please CLICK HERE
  • For upcoming ACT dates and registration please CLICK HERE
  • Any student intending to play a sport at the Division I or Division II level must register with the NCAA during the 2nd semester of junior year. To register please CLICK HERE 

Career Pathway Presentations

  • Tuesday, November 12 – Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). For more information please CLICK HERE

Upcoming SAT Dates

  • Friday, November 8 – Late Registration Deadline for December SAT (Offered at St. Augustine Prep)
  • Saturday, December 7 – SAT Subject Tests available (Offered at St. Augustine Prep)

Upcoming ACT Dates

  • Friday, November 8 – Late Registration Deadline for December ACT
  • Saturday, December 14 – Next ACT date

Third Semester Announcements

  • Third Semester Course Offerings 2019-2020CLICK HERE.  Registration begins during Enrichment period on the following dates: Juniors – Tuesday, October 15, Sophomores – Thursday, October 17 and Freshman – Tuesday, October 22.
  • Las Vegas Third Semester Mandatory Parent Meeting – Tuesday, November 12 at 6:15 pm (Dining Hall)



Information on Bacterial Conjunctivitis ( Pink Eye)

Pink Eye is highly contagious.  It is spread by contact, usually by objects that have come in contact with the infected person’s eye secretions.  It can be transmitted when an infected person touches their eye and then touches another surface (door handles, sports equipment) or shares an object that has touched their eye (a towel or pillow case). Symptoms include redness to the eye and a thick discharge.  The discharge may be yellow, white, or green and it usually continues to drain throughout the day.  The affected eye is often stuck shut in the morning. Antibiotic drops or ointment are prescribed and the student needs to have 24 hours of treatment before he returns to school. As always, remind your son about frequent hand washing while in school.

  • As the weather begins to change, we begin to see an increase in visits to the nurse for colds, flu, etc.  Please remind your son to practice good hand washing techniques and eliminate sharing water bottles with their classmates.
  • If your son has a fever or is vomiting, please keep him home to help decrease the spread of illness through the school.
  • Please remind your son to come to the nurse if he doesn’t feel well instead of texting a parent/guardian to pick him up.  I can offer comfort measures and have them rest to get them through the day so you won’t have to leave work.  I will always call a parent to pick up their son if they are too ill to stay in school.
  • If your son needs to take medication during school hours, please have your doctor fill out the medication form that is available on our website, CLICK HERE.  The medication needs to be in the original bottle that it came in.  Students are able to carry their inhalers with them if the doctor puts it in writing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mrs. Kingett at ext.138 or Mrs.Kingett@hermits.com.



CLICK HERE for athletic practice and game schedules updated in real-time. (link will open in another window)


20 Wednesday

  • Convocation II
  • School Play – The Addams Family – 7 pm @ Landis Theater in Vineland (Play dates November 20 – 22)

21 Thursday

  • Picture Retake day – 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • School Play – The Addams Family – 7 pm @ Landis Theater in Vineland (Play dates November 20 – 22)

22 Friday

  • Senior Kairos from Friday, November 22 – Sunday, November 24. Please check the “Resources page” in MyPrep for your specific dates and times.
  • School Play – The Addams Family – 7 pm @ Landis Theater in Vineland (Play dates November 20 – 22)

26 Tuesday 

  • Freshman Retreat (8:00 am – 12:30 pm ) – 12:45 dismissal for all.

27 Wednesday

  • Thanksgiving Break from Wednesday, November 27 – Sunday, December 1.

2 Monday 

  • Classes Resume.
  • Giving Tree Program begins.
  • Theology on Tap Series. For more information please CLICK HERE.

4 Wednesday

  • Juniro Ring Mass. For more information please CLICK HERE.

5 Thursday 

  • Advent Penance Service (Convocation bell schedule)

7 Saturday

  • SAT’s @ St. Augustine Prep

8 Sunday

  • Celebration of the Arts – 4:00 pm @ St. Augustine Prep

2019-2020 Printable/Downloadable School Calendar

Click below to view or download the 2019-2020 School Calendar.

2019-2020 School Calendar

Online Real-Time School Calendar & Athletic Schedules

The button below leads to the online school calendar which is updated in real-time.  This calendar updates as events experience time or venue changes as well as cancellations.  This site is also the source of all athletic games, practices, and emails.

School Calendar and Athletic Schedule Website

2019-2020 Bell Schedule

Click below to view and/or download this year’s Bell Schedule

2019-2020 Bell Schedule

2019-2020 Student Handbook

Click below to view and/or download this year’s Student Handbook

2019-2020 Student Handbook


STUDENT DROP OFF/PICK UP: All students should be dropped off and picked up behind the Forum. No student should enter or exit a vehicle in the main driveway on campus, loading dock area, bus lane, or near the ramp area outside of Trainer Matt’s Office. This is a serious safety issue. If your son is on crutches, he may be dropped off at the Forum utilizing a handicap parking spot. Those students not adhering to this safety rule will be referred to Mr. Hale.

BUS PASSES AND VOUCHERS: Our Voucher Guidelines and order form can be found on our website under Admissions/Transportation. Only those students with a purple bus pass or voucher may ride the bus at any time. Our bus schedule is also posted at this location. For any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Carr at Extension 142 or at Mrs.Carr@hermits.com.


Prep Shop Hours

Monday, November 11:  CLOSED

Tuesday, November 12: 11 am – 4 pm

Wednesday, November 13:  11 am – 4 pm

Thursday, November 14:  11 am – 4 pm

Friday, November 15: 11 am -4 pm

Student Leadership | Updates

The Office of Student Leadership is proud to announce Mr. Timothy Hale as the Assistant Dean of Student Leadership.  Mr. Hale has been a member of the St. Augustine Prep community since 2014, previously serving as a faculty member for the Science Department, Director of Campus Safety, and Caritas Advisor.  As the Assistant Dean of Student Leadership, Mr. Hale will oversee student discipline, school safety and security, and attendance. 

In addition, Mrs. Donna Auger will serve as the Attendance Coordinator. Mrs. Auger has been a member of the St. Augustine Prep community since 2004.  She has served a number of roles including Administrative Assistant for Facilities and Attendance Coordinator.

New Policy and Procedure | Information

Attendance: Students must officially sign-in before 9:45 a.m. to be eligible to participate in co-curricular activities for the academic day. In an effort to minimize the late arrival process, the student must report directly to the building where his current class is located and sign-in with the following staff members: 

  • Forum – Mrs. Field
  • Augustinian Hall – Mrs. Pippett
  • Vincent – Mrs. Ward
  • Scarpa – Mrs. Auger

Technology Agreement: Each student and parent must sign the Technology Agreement in order to utilize on-campus technology services.  Please hand the signed forms to your D and E period teachers. 

Student Security Cards: Students have been issued door access cards and student ID cards.  Both of these cards should be with the student at all times. As of September 30, students will wear a lanyard with the swipe and ID card attached.  The lanyard which will have a breakaway clasp will be provided by the Prep. If a student losses either card or the lanyard the student is responsible for reporting the loss and purchasing a replacement.