Hermits for Life Alumni Scholarship


The newly established Hermits for Life Alumni Scholarship is a celebration of the many gifts the Prep bestows upon its students – the most impactful being the lasting bond of the Hermit Brotherhood.  The Prep Community lives a shared mission through the strength of an Augustinian Education and the transformative impact of a Brotherhood unified by the values of Truth, Unity, and Love.  The Hermits for Life Alumni Scholarship embodies these values in its goal to share the profound gifts the Prep bestows upon its graduates with deserving students from underserved communities.

Now, more than ever, we invite the Prep Family to join the mission and vision of the Alumni Brotherhood led by James Baumgardner ’12, Ted Baumgardner ’09, Andrew Baumgardner ’11, Nathan Segal ’14, Sean O’Leary ’09, Mike O’Leary ’10, Mike McMenamin ’11, Bill McMenamin ’12, Pat McMenamin ’12, Ian Larson ’12, and Tommy Totoro ’12As part of the Keep Them in Blazers program, this scholarship is the Alumni Brotherhood’s way of expressing that every student, regardless of their background, deserves the transformational opportunity to attend St. Augustine Prep.  By contributing to the Hermits for Life Alumni Scholarship, you become an essential part of this journey to empower dreams and create the future leaders of our communities.

Your support matters, and together, we can make the Hermits for Life Alumni Scholarship a beacon of hope for prospective students who seek to live the transformative experience that is St. Augustine Prep!

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For more information, please contact the Prep Advancement Team by phone at (856) 697-2600 or email at

Upcoming Events

Friday, September 29, 2023 – Hermits for Life Alumni Scholarship Kickoff Event

Join your Hermit Brothers at the Prep on Friday, September 29, 2023, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm to celebrate the kickoff of the Hermits for Life Alumni Scholarship. The night will include complimentary food and drink and culminate with the Hermits Football team taking on Shawnee High School at 6 pm on the LaRosa Turf Field.

All are welcome! Alumni are encouraged to bring family and friends as the night is free of charge.

Donations are welcome and will directly benefit the Hermits for Life Alumni Scholarship Fund!

RSVP for the Hermits for Life Kickoff Event