Honor Code

Academic integrity is one of the pillars of a St. Augustine Prep education. The Mission Statement reflects the commitment to the core value of Veritas, or “truth,” in this way: “Through the Catholic Tradition and in the spirit of St. Augustine, we aspire to: Achieve academic excellence with integrity.”

Responsibility, respect for self and others, regard for the welfare of the community, pride in accomplishments, and the rights of everyone compel each of us to be persons of integrity whose actions demonstrate this commitment. Consistent with this message, students vow to maintain academic integrity in all academic work by abiding by the Honor Code.

Any actions, whether intentional or unintentional, which disregard honesty, diminish the integrity of both the individual and the community.  Moreover, such actions do not give the faculty the opportunity to evaluate the student fairly or offer assistance when it is needed. Further, they deprive the student of the  valid learning experience needed in educating the whole person-body, mind, and spirit. While a member of the St. Augustine Prep Brotherhood, each student is expected to conduct himself with integrity and to uphold the Honor Code.

The Pledge

“As a member of the St. Augustine Prep Brotherhood, I pledge to be a person of integrity.  I will neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance in any academic exercise.”