St. Augustine Prep’s mission is to educate the whole person according to the Catholic Augustinian tradition- body, mind, and spirit. The Prep provides young men with a dynamic, purposeful education that prepares them to be change agents in society. At the heart of our  academic program are the transformative relationships essential to the effective education of young men. These connections between students and faculty define excellence in education above all other factors and result in well-rounded students who easily transcend traditional classifications. The four-year course of study at the Prep develops lifelong learners equipped with twenty-first century competencies.

A Message from the Dean of Academics

"As you look inside our classrooms, you only see part of the picture of our academic excellence."

-Mr. Kevin P. Burke '00
Dean of Academics

Requirements & Descriptions

Academic Requirements

St. Augustine Preparatory School offers college preparation through a four-year course of study that encompasses the humanities, arts, and sciences. There are two types of courses offered at the school: Major and Minor.There are three levels of Major courses: college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement. Major courses are either semester-long courses or year-long courses. Examples of Minor courses would be Third Semesters and Caritas Projects, which are calculated into the GPA of a student.

Registration & Course Descriptions

St. Augustine Prep offers many honors and AP (15) courses. Entrance into these challenging courses is very competitive. Students must have exhibited superior academic work and must have teacher approval to select an Honors/AP course. Independent study courses are also offered to seniors.