College Guidance & Counseling

The process of college admissions begins freshman year. Successful college placement is one of the most important goals of St. Augustine Preparatory School. Working for acceptance to a college of choice challenges students to meet their fullest potential and prepare for leadership roles in society. While the students themselves bear the primary responsibility for college admission, family members, college counselors, faculty, administrators, coaches, and alumni assume important roles in the process as well.

The Process

In 2012, St. Augustine Prep initiated its notable Unitas program. The overarching goal of the program is to help incoming students form quick associations, find their place at the table, and become part of the Prep family. Each Unitas group has approximately six young men. They quickly form strong ties, not only to their advisors, but to one another. As part of the Unitas program, each freshman is immediately connected with a dynamic faculty member—one who is readily available to address their questions, needs, and concerns. In addition to holding individual meetings throughout the year, Unitas advisors meet once or twice a month with their small groups. This program has proven an invaluable facet of the freshman experience.

In the second semester of this year, each student is assigned a college counselor with whom he meets several times in order to become familiar with the preparation required for the college application process . Further, all sophomores participate in a Leadership & Concentrations course. The course is delivered in four stages:

Stage One: Know Oneself
During this stage, students utilize the self-assessment tools offered in Family Connection, including Career Planning, Multiple Intelligences Assessment, and College Interest Inventory. In conjunction with their course instructors, students create a well-considered list of potential colleges and majors, and identify and investigate career interests and possibilities.

Stage Two: Leadership Training
With backgrounds in a variety of fields, from military service to coaching to business, select faculty members present invaluable lessons on leadership.

Stage Three: Concentrations Exposure
What is the difference between Economics and Finance? Would Psychology or Physics be a better fit? What elective offerings best serve students’ future aspirations? These guiding questions utilize what students learned about themselves in Stage One and help them make wise scheduling choices for their junior and senior years by exposing them to the many diverse options within the Prep’s  curriculum.

Stage Four: College Planning
By this time, students have actionable information about who they are and the many opportunities available at St. Augustine. In conjunction with the school’s knowledgeable college counselors, students in Stage Four  take all they have learned over the course of the semester and proactively plan for the future.

  • September: Sophomore Parent Meeting/Introduction to Family Connection 
  • October: Practice PSAT Testing
  • October: Practice ACT (Administered at St. Augustine Prep)
  • January: Practice SAT (Administered at St. Augustine Prep)
  • February: College Counselor Assignment
  • February: Small Group Meetings with College Counselors

The College Guidance Department works diligently to minimize both the stress and confusion often created by the college selection process. The key to successful college placement is ongoing, effective communication between the student, the parents, the college counselor, and the colleges.

To further strengthen students’ college options and readiness, St. Augustine Prep has implemented a Logic and Comprehension course.  This course is designed to help prepare students for the new SAT. The verbal and mathematical skills assessed on the SAT will be addressed in the course, as well as test-taking strategies specific to the exam. The course will consist of lectures, interactive use of problems to illustrate ideas, question and answer sessions, content reviews, and student collaboration. The study of math, data analysis, statistics, and grammar will promote content mastery. The optional SAT essay will also be reviewed in order to help students craft top-scoring SAT essays.

  • September: Junior Advisory Meeting #1
  • September: Junior Parent Meeting/College Fair 
  • October: SAT Testing (Administered at St. Augustine Prep)
  • October: PSAT Testing/Individual Student & Parent College Counselor Meetings 
  • October: Junior Advisory Meeting #2
  • October: Practice ACT (Administered at St. Augustine Prep)
  • December: SAT Testing (Administered at St. Augustine Prep)
  • December: Junior Advisory Meeting #3
  • January: Individual Student & Parent College Counselor Meetings/Standardized Testing Plans
  • February: St. Augustine Prep Job Shadow Program
  • March: SAT Testing (Administered at St. Augustine Prep)
  • March: Junior Parent Meeting
  • March-May: Individual Students & Parent College Counselor Meetings/Standardized Testing Plan/Identify Particular College Requirements
  • Summer: Common Application Workshops/Essay Writing Presentations

Throughout senior year, counselors work closely with students and their families during the college application process. It is this partnership that allows our students to be successful in identifying and applying to schools that are a good fit academically, socially, and financially.

  • Summer: Common Application Workshop/Essay –Writing Presentations              
  • September: Senior Parent Meeting
  • September: Financial Aid Presentation – Awareness of FASFA and CSS Profile Deadlines
  • September: Interview Skills and Tips Presentation
  • September: Mock Interviews
  • September: College Fair  
  • September-December: Apply to colleges and universities
  • October: College Interview Day
  • October: SAT Testing (Administered at St. Augustine Prep)
  • December: SAT Testing (Administered at St. Augustine Prep)
  • May: Identify College Placement/Send Housing Deposit
  • May: Submit St. Augustine Prep Transcript Release/Scholarship Report

Guidance and Counseling Team

Ms. Corie Adamucci

College Counselor


Ms. Gabriella D’Amico

College Guidance Counselor


Ms. Melissa English

College Guidance Counselor, Science


Mr. Anthony Iaconelli ’10

College Guidance; Basketball (Assistant Coach)


Mrs. Kathy Shelton P’04 ’12

College Guidance Administrative Assistant