About St. Augustine Prep

Parent Organizations

The Prep’s Parent Associations seek to foster the relationship among parents and guardians, faculty, staff, and the Leadership Team. All parents and guardians are welcome to participate by volunteering at events, including both “friendraisers” and fundraisers for our school. We encourage all parents and guardians to get involved with the these organizations, see old friends, and even make new ones.

Austin Society

The Austin Society (Mother’s Club) enriches the lives of St. Augustine Prep families by fostering a sense of community among members through involvement in various activities. The organization celebrates and supports the mission of St. Augustine Prep through its assistance at school events and its participation in fundraising efforts.

In an effort to support its important mission, the Austin Society strives to:

  • Promote friendship and mutual respect among all Austin Society members through active participation at events
  • Foster spiritual and social growth among members
  • Promote the mission of St. Augustine Prep through publicity and communication
  • Provide assistance to the administration, faculty, and staff
  • Raise funds in support of special projects

Men of the Prep

The Men of the Prep is the the school’s father’s organization that supports St. Augustine Prep in a variety of ways. The main goal of the organization is to strengthen the bond between father and son. Two major events are held during the school year as a means of bolstering the relationship between our students and their fathers. The first, a Father-Son Communion Breakfast, is held earlier in the academic year, while the other, a more social event, takes place in the spring.

All fathers are invited to become part of  The Men of the Prep. The organization’s current officers, Mr. John Bennet and Dr. Len Infranco, can be reached  through the Men of the Prep email account: menoftheprep@hermits.com.