Campus Ministry

Student Ministry Team

The  Student Ministry Team at the Prep is made up of students from each class who are seriously committed to various ministries within the Prep community.  These Christian Gentleman are chosen from among their peers, while some are encouraged by faculty and staff to join the Ministry Team. Finally, these young men are confirmed by Campus Ministry after completing several classes and placed in their various roles.

These roles include the ministry of Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Prayer Leaders and Acolytes for our community celebrations of Mass and other liturgical events held throughout the academic year. The Campus Ministry students reflect on and prepare the various school liturgies.They prepare the worship space and all that is necessary for the Eucharistic celebration. The students lead the school community at common prayer at the beginning and close of each school day, leading a blessing before lunch in the Dining Hall.They are also involved with Caritas or Charity by participating in various school wide drives throughout the year by collecting food, toys at Christmas for children of the inner city, toiletries and other items for the homeless. Their responsibilities flow into the daily activities of Campus Ministry, making them an integral part of this community’s expression of faith, these young men, at all times, reflect a commitment to their faith and the Mission of St. Augustine Prep.

For more information about the Student Ministry Team, please contact the Director of Campus Ministry at ext. 118.