The Advancement Department at St. Augustine Prep is responsible for providing the school and its students with the unique opportunities and 21st-century skills necessary to excel in today’s dynamic and global society. Together, St. Augustine Prep and the entire school community help this important mission succeed through advancement events and fundraising efforts.

Why Give to the Prep?

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of the Prep’s personalized, first-class student experience. As one of the premier independent Catholic secondary schools in the Northeast, the Prep relies on private, philanthropic dollars to secure the essential tools, time, and talent required to meet the needs of students and faculty. Year after year, St. Augustine Prep depends on gifts of all sizes to preserve the traditions of our school and advance the programs important to our students. A gift to St. Augustine Prep represents both your belief in the school’s mission and your desire to help position the institution as a nationally recognized Catholic prep school for boys.

Since 1959, St. Augustine Prep students “enter as boys to learn” and “leave as men to serve.” They have distinguished themselves not only as students during their four years on campus, but also as alumni who make significant contributions to their professions and their communities.  Students today reach higher because they stand on the shoulders of their fellow Brothers and other dedicated people who came before them.

It may surprise you to know that 43% of all current Prep students receive some form of tuition assistance. A deserving and high-achieving student is never denied admission or asked to step away from the school community based on his family’s financial reality. Maintaining this “need-blind” status depends heavily on annual gifts from alumni, parents, and friends to help Keep Them in Blazers.

Private All-Boys Catholic High School

The transformational Keep Them In Blazers Program is just one of several opportunities to change the life of a prospective or current Prep student. Contact the advancement office today at (856) 697-2600 ext. 137 to learn more!

Imagine what can be achieved through a collective inspiration to Carry the Fire. Imagine what can be accomplished through a willingness to provide new resources and opportunities in the effort to educate change agents who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Every Gift Matters – A little donation truly does go a long way at St. Augustine. When you make a gift to the Prep, you join hundreds of alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty, and staff who support the St. Augustine Fund. All of their gifts, many under $50, impact the school in a big way. A gift of any amount is a contribution toward a better St. Augustine Prep.
  • Strength in Community – At the Prep, it’s not about how much you give. Rather, it’s about how many alumni, parents, faculty, and friends participate and do their part for St. Augustine’s outstanding students and school community. With you, we are stronger.
  • Gifts to the St. Augustine Fund make the greatest impact – Gifts to the St. Augustine Fund ensure the flexibility to respond to immediate challenges and deliver critical resources that influence every aspect of the Prep experience. The St. Augustine Fund plays an integral role in providing support to programs by allowing the Prep to tackle unforeseen challenges and seize opportunities as they arise.

Support the Mission of St. Augustine Prep!