Tuition & Affordability

St. Augustine Preparatory School is an Independent, Augustinian, Catholic educational institution that emphasizes religious values and academic excellence. The school is dependent on full and timely payment of tuition, rather than Church or government subsidies. The Prep makes every effort to minimize fees and tuition increases each year while providing the very best quality education consistent with our mission and values.

2019-2020 Tuition
Freshman – $18,900.00
Sophomore – $18,584.00
Junior & Senior – $18,520.00


Additional Fees 
New Student Fee$250
Graduation Fee$500
Transportation Fee (If Taking Bus)$1600
Intent to Enroll Payment (non-refundable)$500
Voluntary GivingOptional donations to school initiatives like Keep Them In Blazers

Affordability at St. Augustine Prep

Keep them in Blazers | A life & tuition assistance program at St. Augustine Prep

St. Augustine Preparatory School is committed to providing a quality, personalized, values-based education for those qualified students who desire it. Ever mindful of the serious question surrounding affordability, St. Augustine Prep is proud of the Keep Them In Blazers program. Unlike other private institutions where financial aid is funded by large endowments, St. Augustine Prep is blessed with annual support and philanthropy from benefactors, alumni, family, and friends, all committed to Keep Them In Blazers–the schools life and tuition assistance program.

In order to be considered for aid, families must complete the online TADS Application and meet specific deadlines. The amount of assistance granted is determined by the Tuition Assistance Committee and is based on several factors including the total funds available and the number of total applicants.

St. Augustine Preparatory School seeks social, economic, cultural, and ethnic diversity in its student body.  For this reason, young men who possess unique talents and who have demonstrated need may be considered for a tuition assistance grant. The repayment of a grant is not required, but the institution’s expectations are that the student will have a stellar discipline record, have an excellent academic record, and have the recommendation of the faculty and staff in order to maintain the grant. Tuition assistance will not be awarded to students with outstanding tuition payments until agreements have been made with the St. Augustine Prep’s Business Office. Families of enrolled students must reapply for tuition assistance each year.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Enrollment Management with any questions or concerns at 856-697-2600 ext. 149.

Tuition Assistance (Financial Aid) Application Timeline

Prospective Students (Class of 2024) TADS form submission date: December 21, 2019.

Current Students TADS form submission date: January 31, 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: Families with both an upper-classman and an incoming freshman should adhere to the December 21, 2019 deadline.

Note that all applications received after the above deadlines will be considered on a rolling basis. Tuition Assistance grants are limited and may not be available for all qualified applicants. If you are submitting a tuition assistance application after the above deadlines, please call the Admissions Office (856-697-2600 ext. 149) directly to ensure that there is funding available.

All forms submitted to the Tuition Assistance Committee are held in strict confidence. Families who receive grants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. If responsibility for tuition remission is shared, each responsible party must complete a TADS Application. Non-custodial parents MUST also apply and complete a TADS form in order for an application to be reviewed.

Grant Notification Dates

Prospective Students (and Currently-Enrolled Students with prospective siblings) will be notified in late-January of 2020. Currently-Enrolled Students will be notified in late February of 2020.


Head of School Scholarship (Academic Merit Award) 

The Head of School Scholarship is a merit-based award given to incoming freshmen who have achieved excellence throughout their academic careers and who perform well on the St. Augustine Prep Entrance & Scholarship Examination. The award is a four-year scholarship.

Head of School Scholarships are valued between $10,000 and $40,000 ($2,500 to $10,000 annually) and are awarded at the discretion of St. Augustine Preparatory School.

The St. Augustine Prep Scholarship Examination is administered at the November Open House or by appointment.  For more information, contact the Admissions Office at 856-697-2600 ext. 149 or


Tom Fabietti Scholarship

The Tom Fabietti Scholarship Foundation was established as a tribute to Tom Fabietti, a member of the Prep Brotherhood who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 1994.

Tom was a proud 1986 graduate who felt strongly about the value of his Prep education. Because of his wish for more young men to be given the opportunity to attend our school, the mission of the Tom Fabietti Scholarship Foundation is to provide scholarships to young men who aspire to continue their education at St. Augustine Prep.

The work of the foundation has grown significantly. Since 1994, over $1.2 million in merit grants has been awarded to over 100 applicants. To obtain an application for this scholarship, visit

Payment Options

FACTS Payment Plan Instructions – FACTS Payment Plan Information Sheet