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St. Augustine Prep offers over forty clubs and extra-curricular activities to enhance students’ experiences over their four years at the school. A young man’s ability to creatively express himself, hone his leadership skills, and work collaboratively will serve him well both in high school and the years beyond. The school’s many extracurricular offerings allow students to broaden their interests and talents in ways that not only benefit the individual and the school, but also the local and global community.

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The Academic Team participates in the Quiz Bowl, a nationally-recognized knowledge game played between students of rival schools. The team’s members are all students who demonstrate not only academic merit, but also a competitive spirit.

Attendance based or by invitation.

The club celebrates the Arabic language and cultures. This club is for students taking Arabic Courses. 

To be a productive member of the Biology Club, students should have an interest in any science, not just biology. They should have a curiosity about how science is a part of everyday life, from the simple to the complex. Members are also encouraged to share with the rest of the group any new scientific discovery or milestone they may make. They should also be willing to pose a question to start group discussion on a variety of topics that are ‘science related.’

Yearly, we collect “Coats for the Cold” for the Camden homeless shelter through donations from our Hermit Brothers. We also plan to collect books this year to donate to a church library, through one of our club members.

Within the club, we plan to build several greenhead fly collecting stations that will be placed around campus in the spring. We also want to have a competition (school-wide, if possible) mimicking an MIT event of designing a container that will cushion a raw egg from cracking when it is dropped from a certain height. We are here to have fun and maybe learn a little about science in the process.

Members usually join at the beginning of the school year and must attend at least 80% of the club meetings to qualify for credit.

This organization is open to all students. Each student must sign a contract that promises attendance at meetings and participation in and fulfillment of social service projects. The main objective of this organization is to promote Classical Greek and Roman culture and heritage awareness among students and their communities. Classical Greek and Roman culture, language, and history will be the main focus.

Members in Good Standing are expected to:

  • Participate and assist in the planning and holding of club activities.
  • Participate and assist in at least two major events/service projects.
  • Attend each meeting of the Club. Members in Good Standing are allowed two unexcused absences from meetings per year and two excused absences per year. Please inform the club moderator or a club officer if you are unable to attend a meeting.
  • Maintain conduct consistent with the standards of behavior of St. Augustine Preparatory School.  

The club’s major focus is to take history outside the classroom and explore it in a much more personal way.  Admission is not granted by merely signing a piece of paper.  Candidates must maintain a high average in their history class and prove their proficiency in the subject by passing a test.  We welcome and embrace those who display a passion to delve deeper into the roots of the greatest story in human history.

National Junior Classical League: St. Augustine Preparatory Chapter

As a member of the National Junior Classical League, the St. Augustine Prep Chapter upholds the NJCL requirements for induction into the Latin Honor Society. Students must maintain an A average in their current course of Latin study, must be a member in good standing of the National Junior Classical League, and must exemplify good citizenship. In addition to these national requirements, students inducted into the St. Augustine Prep Chapter of the Latin Honor Society must have held an A average for 3 consecutive semesters in their Latin studies, must hold a grade point average of similar high standard, and must truly exemplify what it means to be a Christian Gentleman.

NJCL Creed:

We the members of the Junior Classical League, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. We believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help us understand and appraise this world of today, which is indebted to the ancient civilization in its government and laws, literature and language, arts and culture. We affirm the JCL experience develops responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes enthusiasm, encourages competition, inspires dedication and enriches our total growth.

Model Congress gives students the opportunity to learn about the workings of our government. Members participate in the yearly national conference for high schoolers at the University of Pennsylvania.

Members learn the ins and outs of the United Nations and work together to create resolutions to world issues. They participate in Model United Nations Conferences once a month.

Members must come to meetings and participate in monthly weekend conferences.

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of academics, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921. Juniors at St. Augustine Prep may become eligible to apply to the NHS upon completion of their fifth semester. Students must have a weighted cumulative GPA of 93 or higher and be in good disciplinary standing in order to be invited to apply to the NHS. Students are then required to supply evidence of community service and leadership by submitting a resume and essay for review. A committee of five faculty members review the NHS applications and make a decision on membership.

Robotics is a meeting place for students interested in computers, technology, and engineering. The club aims to spread awareness and raise interest within our school about robotics and is open to all students.   We will be working with circuits, robot kits, and soldering.

This honor society has an academic standard for acceptance. Please see your language teacher for more details. If you meet the standards of this group, you will be invited to join.

There are two separate a cappella groups here at the Prep. The TestosterTones are an audition-only ensemble made up of the best singers in the school. These 10-12 hand-selected students perform a variety of music, from Renaissance music to contemporary pop songs. It is highly recommended that these students also participate in choir during the school day. Rehearsals take place outside of class time and the ensemble performs at both school and community events throughout the year.

The second group is the A Cappella Club. This non-auditioned ensemble is open to any students interested in singing a cappella music. These students join with the TestosterTones to make a larger men’s ensemble that sings contemporary a cappella pop songs.

Requirements to participate:

  • For TestosterTones – See Mr. Cappuccio for Audition information. Students must attend scheduled rehearsals and performances.
  • A Cappella Club – See Mr. Cappucciofor information.

 Members of the art club come together to make artwork, help others with artwork, and even raise funds for the community’s less fortunate. Every December, members hold a fundraiser that raises money for underprivileged women and children in the community.

In the fall semester, St. Augustine Prep presents its annual school musical. Participation in the musical is open to any and all Prep students. Girls from neighboring high schools are also invited to join. While each performer is expected to sing, dance and act, all levels of talent are welcome. Also, there is always a need for those with technical skills to serve on stage crew. As a member of the stage crew, one may be called upon to not only build, paint, or move scenery, but also work on aspects of both lighting and sound for the production.

Tri-M is a student-run National Music Honor Society for exceptional students involved in the Prep’s music classes. Students that are successfully inducted into Tri-M promote leadership, service, and a high level of musicianship. Examples of this organization providing service through music include performing at local hospitals and nursing homes, fundraising to support different artistic activities at The Prep, and leading or rehearsing musical groups throughout the program.

Students inducted into Tri-M are expected to maintain a high level of musical excellence and leadership in their respective ensembles throughout their time in the organization. Students must be at least a sophomore, currently enrolled in a music classroom, exhibit leadership and service skills, maintain an average grade of a 94% in music classes, and be of high moral character.

Mass Choir is open to all students interested in singing in the choir during our weekly celebration of Mass. Students that participate in Mass Choir come early to Mass on Wednesdays to warm up and prepare for the ceremony. In preparation for Mass the following day, rehearsals are held during the first thirty minutes of the open period every Tuesday. Students may choose to come and go weekly as they please but must participate in the Tuesday rehearsal to be a part of the choir during Mass that week. See Mr. Cappuccio for any details.

Pep Band performs at all Prep home football games. Four rehearsals are scheduled in late August, and periodically scheduled through the fall semester during open periods.  Any prep student that can play a band instrument is welcome and encouraged to join. This includes all brass, woodwind, and percussion instrumentalists. In addition, the pep band performs Christmas Carols as a service project at the Bishop McCarthy Residence in Vineland in December.

The Student Government is comprised of elected students who serve as the leaders of the student body. Each class has four representatives that work on class-specific events. There is also an Executive Committee of juniors and seniors.  

Student Government Class Moderators:

  • Senior Class: Mr. Renzulli
  • Junior Class: Mrs. McHugh
  • Sophomore Class: Mr. Blystone
  • Freshman Class: Mr. Boody 

The mission of the Hermit Ambassadors is to identify needs in our community and provide assistance and good cheer in order to ignite hearts with the passion of Caritas.

Some of our activities include:

  • Hosting children from St. John of God School for a Halloween Party
  • Easter Egg Hunt and Spring party for the children of St. John of God
  • Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a homeless shelter in Atlantic City
  • Delivering Valentine Day treats for the lady staff and faculty at the Prep
  • Providing needy families within the community with Christmas baskets of cheer
  • Cookie-dough fundraiser

The Environmental Club focuses on expanding environmental education, awareness, and community service participation. Activities include National Recycle Day in November, the Padre Pio Shrine beautification project, the annual dodgeball tournament fundraiser in support of Babes Kids (Canuso Foundation), Arts in Earth Day (publicize event, sponsor financial prizes), support of the National Wildlife Foundation (adopt acreage for American bison, plant trees in selected national forests, adopt endangered animals), and helping to educate the school community on the cafeteria’s recycle vs organic initiative.

  • Skills: responsibility, creativity, Caritas, self-direction, brainstorming, logistical implementation of projects, commitment to a common goal, and teamwork
  • Process to Join: sign up/ attend meetings/ attend at least one major project (requires attendance at non- school hour activities)

Activities of this community service (Rotary) club include working at Habitat for Humanity, coordinating a Halloween party at AC Boys and Girls Club, annual Valentine’s visit to the Bishop McCarthy nursing home, adopting needy families at Christmas, wrapping Christmas gifts for Carmelite nuns, supporting the Together Youth Shelter in Glassboro, running the Pennies for Patients competition between classes for Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, and fundraising (Sprang boys- CHOP)

  • Skills: responsibility, creativity, Caritas, self-direction, brainstorming, logistical implementation of projects, commitment to a common goal, and teamwork
  • Process to Join: sign up/attend meetings/attend at least one major project

The Knights of St. Augustine seek to explain and defend the Catholic faith here on campus and in our local communities. We meet bi-weekly on Thursdays to discuss what the major objections are to the Catholic Church and our Christian faith, with the intention of developing intelligent ways of defending the Church and the faith. In the world today, the battles the Church must wage are against ignorance, misconception, and hatred. We no longer fight with swords and shields, but with our intellect and our reason. Our ability to profess and defend our beliefs intelligently on our campus and in our local communities has the real potential to change the world and help hasten the Kingdom of God.  Knights are to be the epitome of Catholic Christian Gentlemen.

Students from all classes are welcome to join.

Key Club is a service-oriented club that seeks to serve our community with dedication and care. Through the vast array of leadership opportunities the club offers, you will develop valuable leadership skills. Key Club seeks to make you a leader, as well as help you develop skills in both cooperation and commitment. Key Club hosts many fun and interesting events, such as a trip to Six Flags, Volleyball-A-Thon, and many more bi-weekly service events. Collaborative work with Key Clubs from other schools is also planned. You can join by simply giving us your full name and email address at the club fair.

The Cooking Club is a club where you learn to cook here in the amazing school kitchen. Anyone is welcome to join. We help prepare food for big events at the school, such as Run for the Roses. It is fun and enjoyable. If you have no experience cooking, this club will help. If you do cook and you have some great recipes, we’ll try them out. Some of the things we cooked this past year were homemade pasta and ravioli, fudge from scratch (student recipe), chocolate covered strawberries (for the staff on Valentine’s Day) and homemade meatballs. Being able to cook is a great thing. It is a skill you will enjoy and carry with you for the rest of your life.

This club was founded by a student, run by a student, and will continue to be student-led.  Fishing is a great hobby to acquire as you grow and an even better one to enjoy later in life. In Fishing Club, you will have an opportunity to meet others with whom you can share your interest, passion, and, most of all, “fish” stories. Remember: fish always start to grow after they get away!

You do not have to know how to fish to join and you will have an opportunity to fish in the ocean. You can bring your own gear or get it on the boat. Good relationships have been established with boat captains and we want this to continue.

The Programming Club is focused on learning and applying computer programming principles. Topics to be explored include the logic of computer programs, as well as specific programming languages such as Java. In addition, the club will work together to accomplish a student-selected project. Anyone with a desire to learn computer programming is encouraged to join.

Music Is Our Message

This club is for musicians who want to expand their musical knowledge as well as improve their musical abilities by rehearsing and jamming with other students. The club will seek opportunities for members to perform live at campus events and outside venues.

This club is for Richland Rowdies. They coordinate the effort of our fan section to promote school spirit. They have multiple events throughout the year to celebrate student life, particularly in athletics.

This is a club for the sports enthusiast. Sports are about competition, and for the high school male, they are the ultimate drama. The sports world and its athletes provide many polarizing scenarios that will be positively discussed in order to hone the social skills necessary to engage others in years to come about that which we love: sports. This club will prepare you for future water cooler sessions, brotherly arguments, and conversations with fellow sports-minded peers.

In order to join the club, you must have a passionate interest in sports and a desire to engage in conversation with others who may possess a differing point of view.

This club participates in two service projects: Christmas Adoption Program and Charity March Madness Tournament

Featured Student Leader

Chase Davis (2020) - Comic Book Club

“A man of action” may be the proper phrase to characterize Chase Davis, member of the Class of 2020 and leader of the Comic Book Club at St. Augustine Prep. Before even stepping foot on campus, Chase took action to create a new and engaging activity for the student body. It is safe to say that Chase’s passion for comics is well-received and shared by his brothers. With over 20 students on the roster, the Comic Book Club has weekly meetings and film screenings. Members are even hoping to make the journey to a local Comic Con this year. Well done, Chase!