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There are many opportunities for prospective students and their families to become familiar with St. Augustine Prep. Spending time with our students, faculty, and administration is the best way to find out if St. Augustine is the right place for your high school experience. There is always an upcoming Admissions event for those interested in seeing our campus and learning more about our school. From our popular Hermits Family Experience days to the fall Open House, guests are always welcome on our campus.

Hermit Family Experience Visitations

The Hermit Family Experience is the official admissions visitation program at St. Augustine Prep. This program allows prospective students and families to visit campus in one of three ways. Each option is tailored to meet the needs of every family and the Admissions Team will work to accommodate all preferences. In each instance, guests will be extended the finest Augustinian hospitality as they enjoy their time in Richland.

Each Hermit Family Experience will:

  • Introduce each family to our Admissions Team and other members of the St. Augustine Prep community.
  • Allow families to be led on a private tour of campus with one of our elite Senior Admissions Ambassadors (if your son has a family member, friend, or neighbor he wants to join him, please let us know).
  • Provide each individual student a chance to engage current students and faculty in personal conversation.
  • Showcase our 118-acre campus and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Help to distinguish the uniqueness of an Augustinian Catholic Education.

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!


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Open House

The fall Open House is an opportunity to view the school for the first time or to reaffirm your interest. The event provides families with a unique look into the St. Augustine Prep experience. For more information visit the link below!

2023 Open House

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