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St. Augustine Preparatory School challenges students to integrate an evolving sense of self and the qualities of Unitas, Veritas, and Caritas with the demands of a rigorous course of study. Our challenging curriculum is designed to teach students at every level how to read critically, write effectively, listen discerningly, calculate logically, speak clearly, and think independently.

Dynamic academic programs such as the Third Semester, Job Shadow Program, and a host of AP courses allow students to become more deeply focused and more widely differentiated, while extracurricular activities hone collegial and leadership skills. Unitas Advisors, Counselors, Teachers, and Coaches help students set and meet their goals both on campus and beyond. Of equal importance are our principles of community which are grounded in integrity, curiosity, resilience, and empathy. St. Augustine Prep graduates are inspired and inspiring as they use their wisdom and talents to meet the needs of a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.

Course Catalog (Grade 8)

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Course Catalog (Grades 9-12)