Campus Ministry

Student Retreats

At St. Augustine Prep, we place a great value on the ability of our students to connect with one another, their faith, and their community on a deeper, more intimate level. In order to achieve this, we offer a special retreat program for all students with the involvement of our faculty and staff.

All while instilling in them the important Augustinian values of Unity, Truth, and Love, these retreats allow students of all ages the opportunity to engage in spiritual activities, serve their community, solidify their bond of Hermit Brotherhood, and prepare for life beyond the Prep.

Retreat Themes

Freshman Year: Unitas Retreat

Over the course of one day, our new students build lasting connections with each other in this on-campus retreat. The day is packed with exciting activities, inspirational speakers, and breakout sessions during which our newest members of the Prep community forge their early bonds and learn what it means to be members of the Brotherhood.


Sophomore Year: Veritas Retreat

For two days, sophomores travel to Camden, NJ. A microcosm of American urban life, the city allows our students the opportunity to see the issues many living in our nation’s inner cities face. They witness social justice concerns such as poverty, racism, and substance abuse, not through a news broadcast or newspaper report, but through their own eyes. In the past, our students have volunteered at the city’s homeless shelters, AIDS clinics, Catholic grammar schools, and the Heart of Camden home rehabilitation organization. The goal of this experience is a metanoia (change of mind and heart) which then allows our students to recognize Christ is every person they encounter.


Junior Year: Caritas Retreat

During this weekend Kairos retreat, students stay overnight at a local retreat center. Through presentations by both Prep faculty and staff, as well as through student-led breakout sessions, students spend their time focusing on prayer, spirituality, and reconciliation. The sessions are structured thematically to cover each retreatant’s relationship with God, Self, and Neighbor. Shortly before they begin their final year as Prep Brothers, this retreat further enforces the strong Augustinian bond our students develop over the course of their time at the Prep.


Senior Year: Brotherhood Retreat

Senior year can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking, time for any student. The Brotherhood Retreat strives to prepare our students for their senior year, while also encouraging and enabling them to look ahead to life beyond our campus. Using team building and trust exercises, this off-campus retreat enables our students to consider life after their time at the Prep.