Student Life

Health & Wellness

The safety and care of every member of the St. Augustine Prep community is a top priority. St. Augustine Prep takes great care and concern in regards to the physical and mental health of its student population. As a result, the school employs a full-time nursing staff to aid students in their physical health, as well as a full-time school counselor and clinical psychologist to meet the mental health needs of our evolving student body.


Our nursing staff believes that students must maintain a healthy and balanced life in order to reap the benefits of a St. Augustine Prep education. The dedicated staff is a competent and concerned group of medical professionals who have extensive experience working with adolescents. They strive to help students make informed and mature decisions about their health.

Mrs. Darlene Kingett
School Nurse
(856) 697-2600 Ext 138


Personal Counseling & Resources

St. Augustine Prep values the psychological health and well-being of its student population. In addition to a vast network of support available to students, the Office of College Guidance and Counseling employs both a full-time school counselor/learning consultant and a clinical psychologist to meet the needs of our vast student body.


To find out more about the resources available to students through the Office of College Guidance and Counseling, please feel free to contact Mr. Dennis Stahl, our school counselor and learning consultant, or Br. Bob Thornton, our clinical psychologist:

Mr. Dennis Stahl
School Counselor / Learning Consultant
(856) 697-2600 Ext 107

Br. Bob Thornton
Clinical Psychologist
(856) 697-2600 Ext 177

Below are selected articles with important information for parents and students. Please check back as more will be added.

Improving Sleep

Teaching Teens to Relax to Manage Stress

Athletic Training

The Prep’s primary objective is the safety and welfare of all students. As a result, we are devoted to the prevention, care, treatment, and rehabilitation of any and all injuries that plague our student athletes.

Our certified athletic trainer, Mr. Matt Pineo, ATC, is a highly educated and skilled professional specializing in athletic health care. In cooperation with physicians and other allied health personnel, Mr. Pineo is an integral member of the athletic health care team in all Hermits sports programs.

Mr. Matt Pineo, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
(856) 697-2600 Ext 170