Educational Philanthropy: Catherine J. Arpino's Legacy of Scholarship and College Guidance at St. Augustine Prep

Educational Philanthropy: Catherine J. Arpino’s Legacy of Scholarship and College Guidance at St. Augustine Prep

In education, few acts of generosity are as impactful as those that support students in their pursuit of advancing their education. Catherine J. Arpino, a devoted advocate for quality education and college guidance, understood the significance of these contributions. Her legacy lives on through a generous donation to St. Augustine Prep, displaying her unwavering commitment to helping the Hermit Brotherhood achieve their academic dreams.

Catherine J. Arpino’s dedication to education was a cornerstone of her life. During her lifetime, she generously supported students around South Jersey including those here at St. Augustine Prep. She also established the Catherine Arpino Nursing and Allied Health Field scholarships in the following schools: Vineland Senior High School, Sacred Heart High School, Buena Regional High School, Rowan College South Jersey – Cumberland. Her vision was to ensure that students had access to a quality education, setting the stage for their successful futures. The Catherine J. Arpino Scholarship Fund at St. Augustine Prep was established to support students enrolling or already enrolled at the Prep. Her passion for education and her belief in the transformational power of guidance in the college admissions process was clear, making her scholarship a beacon of hope for present and future Prep students.

The impact of Catherine J. Arpino’s generosity paves the way for countless students to pursue their educational goals. Her legacy lives on through her scholarship, as it supports aspiring students on their journey toward a brighter future. Additionally, in her memory, the Prep has dedicated the College Guidance & Student Services wing in her name, providing students with the guidance and support they need to navigate the college admissions process. This tangible tribute ensures that Ms. Arpino’s vision and passion for college guidance continue to thrive at the Prep.

Catherine J. Arpino’s unwavering commitment to education and college guidance has left an indelible mark on St. Augustine Prep, its students, its counselors and the future generations of Hermits. Her legacy is a testament to the lasting impact one person can have on the lives of many, and her generous contributions will continue to shape the educational experience at St. Augustine Prep for years to come.

To learn more about the Catherine J. Arpino Scholarship Fund or to inquire about following Ms. Arpino’s example, please contact Dennis Foreman, Executive Director for Partnerships at (856) 697-2600 ext. 174 or