Future Hermits

Future Hermits

Going to the Right High School Matters

There’s no doubt about it — where you choose to attend high school will shape your future. That’s why so many soon-to-be freshmen come to us with questions. They want to know how The Prep is different from other schools they’re considering, and what opportunities they’ll have here that they wouldn’t find elsewhere.

If this is you, you’ve come to the right place. This page will answer some of those questions and help you understand how our high school program can prepare you for success in college and beyond.

Hands-On Learning

Are you someone who learns by doing? At the Prep, your opportunities extend far beyond the classroom. Our students enjoy innovative learning experiences, including job shadowing and studying in immersive environments. Some travel internationally, others explore successful businesses in the U.S., and some even pursue their private pilot’s license. The opportunities are endless.

Fun Experiences

High school will be one of the most memorable seasons of your life. You will find that the St. Augustine culture of school spirit is passionate and energizing. Students are genuinely excited to be here and enjoy events and activities throughout the year. From being a part of the Richland Rowdies to celebrating annual events like HermitFest and Prom, there’s no shortage of fun at the Prep.

Challenging Courses

Do you want to be challenged academically? The curriculum at St. Augustine Prep School puts students on a path to high achievement in college. If you’re looking to coast, the Prep may not be a good fit. But if you’re ready to focus on your grades, set measurable goals, and prepare for admission to your top-choice universities, we encourage you to learn more.

Top-Notch College Prep

If you have your eye on a competitive college, attending a private, top-tier high school offers a clear advantage. At the Prep, successful college placement is our most important goal for students. The process begins freshman year. Advisors and mentors walk you through every step of the process, from examining different schools and majors, to taking practice exams and tuition planning.

Rewarding Social Life

As you know, friendships can build you up or pull you down. What kind of relationships do you hope to build in high school? St. Augustine insiders refer to the community on campus as “the brotherhood.” It’s a safe place where students can be themselves, explore, grow, and even fail, without the added pressure and distraction of a co-ed environment. Through it all, lifelong bonds are forged.

Personal Growth

One thing’s for sure: you will leave St. Augustine different than you began. Our students grow spiritually, discover their passions in athletics and fine arts, develop leadership skills, and become men of character. Our proud network of alumni includes NFL players, CEOs, and a host of entrepreneurs who credit much of their success to the support and encouragement they had at the Prep.

Ready to take the next step?

You’re already thinking about your high school career. We encourage you to ask yourself, what do I want to get out of the next four years? There’s a lot at stake with this decision. Scheduling a campus tour at the Prep can help answer your questions and give you the confidence needed to take the next step.