John P. Kirwin III (’74) Honors Former Teachers with Endowment Gift to Keep Them in Blazers

John P. Kirwin III (’74) Honors Former Teachers with Endowment Gift to Keep Them in Blazers

Mr. Kirwin (’74) addresses a group of students during a recent visit to his Alma Mater. Mr. Kirwin was on campus as a guest speaker during the Veritas Lecture Series.

John P. Kirwin III, a proud Hermit Brother from the Class of 1974, recently made a $100,000 gift for an endowed scholarship to Keep Them in Blazers in the name of Mr. Anthony Spina and Dr. John Mahoney. Mr. Kirwin(John) is a founding partner of Argosy Capital and Argosy Real Estate. His career includes 14 years as an attorney specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate law.  

John, a longtime philanthropist, understands the importance of building an endowment for a future of financial sustainability. “Hopefully, I will be able to increase this commitment over time and others will be inspired to contribute in recognition of the impact St. Augustine Prep and these men(or others) made in their lives. I truly believe one can make a more meaningful difference for young people at the secondary level rather than higher ed.”

Founding faculty member, Mr. Anthony Spina remarked, “I am humbled by John’s generosity, proud of his accomplishments, and grateful he has given back to the Prep!”

Head of School, Father Murray commented, “St. Augustine Prep is great because of the people who have made it so. Mr. Kirwin’s gift is a tangible demonstration of the goodness of the Prep and the power of the Hermit Brotherhood. We stand squarely on the shoulders of the Augustinians, faculty, staff, alumni, families, and friends of the Prep who have blazed the path before us.”

Mr. Kirwin’s generosity helps ensure the future of Hermits who will follow in his footsteps and his example is an inspiration to us all.

Thank you, Mr. Kirwin – Hermit Pride!