Movember with Jay Copperman '18

Movember with Jay Copperman ’18

Most nine-year-olds are pre-occupied with dreams of becoming a superhero, playing in the big leagues or wondering how much faster they can fly around town on their bicycles.  These thoughts may have been on the mind of the young Jay Copperman, but his main focus was on joining a cause that would help his community.  Jay, at the age of nine, would have his wishes granted through his involvement with the “Movember” campaign.  As stated on the Foundation’s website:

“The Movember Foundation is saving and improving men’s lives through projects focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.”

Seven years later, now a senior at St. Augustine Prep, Jay has continued his thoughtful journey as a Movember advocate.  Further adding to his passion towards the cause, he would learn that his Godfather had recently beaten prostate cancer and this would bring a deeper meaning to his involvement with the initiative.  Armed with years of experience and a personal connection to the foundation, Movember would catch on at St. Augustine sparking a friendly rivalry among top-grossing faculty supporters Mr. Foley, Mrs. McHugh, Mr. Forrest, Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Asselta.  Last year’s fundraising efforts eclipsed the $3,000 mark and as of November 29th, Jay has matched last year’s mark with the help of the entire school community.

There are a few hours left in Movember so hang onto those mustaches to help Jay and the St. Augustine Prep Family raise awareness through this heartwarming campaign.  Learn more and donate here: