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Mr. Iaconelli Receives Grant to Study at Columbia University

Posted June 21st, 2015

History teacher Mr. Iaconelli will spend a week at Columbia University this month, thanks to a grant from Stockton College. The Summer Institute for Teachers, sponsored by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, will dive deep into the history of the Holocaust, and span not only the history of anti-Semitism, but the rise of the Nazi party, the ultimate rescue of those imprisoned, and the aftermath of the Holocaust.  During his time there, Mr. Iaconelli will learn from world-class scholars in the field of Holocaust studies and develop and exchange teaching strategies with fellow educators.

The week is open to a select few teachers and educators, and those attending must not only have been nominated by a member of a Holocaust Center, but are also required to be an Alfred Lerner Fellow and be actively involved with their local Holocaust Center.

This is an amazing opportunity, and Mr. Iaconelli’s time at the Summer Institute will be beneficial for all Prep History students!