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Robotics Club Teaches Members to Solder, Assemble a Radio, and Build Robots!

Posted March 29th, 2015

The Robotics Club may be new, but it’s quickly growing in both members and exciting projects. Started last year with just a few students, it has grown to 30 members thanks to the dedication and recruitment talents of club president and sophomore, Matthew Balestriere.

For the club’s first semester project, members were taught how to solder. Each member purchased a soldering iron and an AM Radio kit, and met after school to work on their project.

Sophomore Kyle Griffiths, vice president of the club, presented the idea of Lego Mindstorm kits as the next project. The kits do not contain just basic Legos, but offers users more complexity and the chance to build a real robot. The club agreed that the kits would be the next project for semester two. Teamwork is encouraged as teams of three each have a kit to work on. Besides assembling the mini robot, computer programming is also involved in the project.

While the Robotics Club is in its infancy, they hope over time, with more experience, that they will one day participate in national competitions.