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Siganos ’15 eyeing 2020 Summer Olympics

Posted March 20th, 2019


Perry Siganos ’15, is no stranger to success on the water.  As a sophomore at St. Augustine, the surfer extraordinaire captured a state championship as a member of the Hermits Surfing Team.  In addition, Perry would go on to add to the memorable season by capturing an individual state championship.  His success has continued as his prowess on the waves has set him up for a potential appearance in the 2020 Summer Olympics.  The folks at sat down with Perry for a Q&A to provide a deeper look into his passion for surfing.

When and how did you start surfing? 
I started surfing around 8 years old. I started surfing because my brother surfed and we lived in a town right next to the beach.

What makes surfing special to you? 
Surfing is special to me because it is a way to escape. No matter how bad your day is going a good surf will make it all change. Also, surfing has created a lifestyle for me. I revolve myself around the ocean and if it was not for surfing I do not know what I would be doing.

Please describe a typical day. 
I wake up at 8 or earlier depending on how the waves are going to be. I usually wake up, stretch, drink coffee, check the waves, and if there are no waves I train. Around the afternoon I start some schoolwork. Lastly, I go to class at night from 6-9pm. When there are no waves I go fishing or work on more school assignments. Also, I try to train at least 5 days a week.  My workouts consist of long bike rides, circuit/weight conditioning, and boxing.

What are the best surfing moments so far? 
One of the best surfing moments for me so far would have to be scoring perfect waves in Greece and meeting some new friends.

Which are your favorite surf spots? 
I have only surfed a few spots in Greece but recently scored my new favorite wave. My favorite spot to surf would have to be New Jersey and Tortola, BVI. I grew up Surfing in New Jersey and a good session there beats anywhere else.

How many times have you been surfing in Greece? What is your opinion about surfing in Greece?   I have been coming to Greece every year as a kid to visit family but never thought about surfing in Greece until a few years ago we came across a beach break near our house. I think surfing in Greece is great and people are starting to acknowledge it more. It’s pretty cool that the surfing community here all knows each other throughout an entire country. Greece has some world-class waves. I think Greece can excel in surfing as a sport in the coming years with the new generation of kids surfing.

What is your personal goal regarding surfing?
My main personal goal for surfing is to represent Greece in the ISA world games of surfing.

Who are the athletes you admire and why?
A surfer I have always admired is Andy Irons. When I was young I use to watch his “trick tip” videos on how to do backside turns and barrels. Also, a recent surfer I have been admiring is Italo Ferreira. His surfing is energetic, fast, and unexpected. Also, Italo’s backhand has to be one of the best in world right now and not to mention is insane air game.

What advice would you give to someone who is now starting surfing? 
I would say don’t be afraid to get a surf lesson. It’s better off getting a surf lesson from someone who knows what they are doing rather than just teaching yourself. Also, don’t quit when you think it is too hard because once you learn it is completely worth it.


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