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5 Ways School Culture Impacts Parents and Students

Posted January 24th, 2018

Parents considering which high school will be the best fit for their son need to take a careful look at a school’s culture — its values, traditions, and daily way of life. What are the core principles that make the school different, and more importantly, how will that school culture impact your student?

Simply put, a positive school culture motivates students to strive for excellence, grow in confidence, discover and refine their gifts, form positive and long-lasting friendships, and prepare for a productive, successful future.

A School Culture Can Motivate

Every parent hopes their child will strive toward increased effort and productivity in academics, and that’s most likely to occur in an environment where innovative academic and co-curricular programs ignite imagination. When a school’s culture is steeped in a joyful way of life that elevates academic excellence, students can’t help but feel motivated! Positive role-model faculty, staff, and coaches are an integral part of a productive school culture that impacts student achievement.


A School Culture Can Build Confidence

A healthy sense of identity generally springs from a safe and affirming setting where students can explore new experiences. Whether in the classroom, in performing arts, on the practice field, or serving others in the community, a young man can grow in character and confidence through accepting new challenges. Does the school you’re considering provide these opportunities?

A School Culture Can Uncover a Student’s Gifts

Students who have opportunities for immersive study that include foreign travel, practical or professional study, social work, or intense academic research can discover more about their own gifts and abilities. Those experiences, as well as leadership opportunities throughout the school year, often lead to a refinement of goals that will positively impact college and career planning.

A School Culture Can Promote Lifelong Friendships

We all know that peer relationships have a major influence on high schoolers. In a setting based on shared values of character and service, students connect with classmates who are more likely to become positive, lifelong friends. And in an all-male school, there’s a special kinship and camaraderie like no other. Parents are influenced by a positive school culture as well, forming strong bonds with other families in a warm and encouraging community.

A School Culture Can Be the Springboard for a Bright Future

Does the school you’re considering prepare students for a successful college experience by promoting critical thinking and communication skills? Does it offer Honors and Advanced Placement Courses, as well as ample opportunities for intellectual advancement? If a school is committed to providing a top-tier education based on research-based teaching strategies, your son is more likely to be energized for a successful college experience.

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