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Advent & Admissions – Seasons of Hope

Posted December 1st, 2022

By Brendan Towell – Associate Director of Admissions

November 27, 2022, marked the beginning of the new Liturgical Year in the Catholic Church and the start of the Season of Advent. This season (one of several differentiated by the Church’s calendar) is one that stresses the theological virtue of hope. It is hope, paired with a trust and confidence in the Lord, which reveals Advent as a special season for all of us. Advent reminds us that we are a people on a journey toward God and we must be patient and watchful. Every path on that journey is unique and somewhat personal, but we need not walk it in isolation from our brothers and sisters. Indeed, as St. Augustine tells us, it is through the reality of Community, Family, and Brotherhood that we can journey toward Christ most effectively.

Simultaneously to this Advent Season, we are also in the heart of the Admissions Season at the Prep. Many families reading this post are themselves hoping – hoping to hear back with an acceptance for their son or grandson. As I reflect on this connection, I think it appropriate to focus on one of the most significant figures of this season – the Blessed Mother. I am reminded especially of the words of Mary’s Magnificat, words that should ring in our ears as trumpets announcing the great news of our salvation. Mary is not quoted often in the New Testament, but the words attributed to her are both inspiring and essential to our belief in Jesus Christ. Just as Mary eloquently states that “God has done great things for her,” we should hear ourselves acknowledging this reality in our own lives. God truly has done great things for us and our hearts should be filled with love and gratitude. As you await word on the acceptance of your son or grandson, I encourage you to look to the Blessed Mother, and (in the spirit of Advent) to be patient and hope-filled.

Finally, as you journey through these Advent and Admissions Seasons, know that you do not journey alone. All of us at St. Augustine Prep are hoping and praying for your families and we too are filled with love and gratitude for your consideration of us as an educational community. As you look for that special envelope from the Prep announcing the good news of your son’s acceptance, let us remember that the best news has already been announced by Mary – the news of the coming of her Son, the Emmanuel (“God with us”).

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