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St. Augustine Prep Summer Programs for 2022

Posted June 27th, 2022

We all remember how much summer adventures meant when we were growing up. St. Augustine Prep has done all the research and compiled a list of this year’s fun athletic and academic possibilities being held on-campus this summer. There is still time to help your child plan their most epic and enriching summer vacation yet. Read our guide to all the summer programs at St. Augustine Prep and some of the best camp options in all of South Jersey!

Summer Athletic Options

A wide variety of traditional athletic camp options at St. Augustine Prep are still available! Many camps are geared for both boys and girls of varying ages, and you do not need to be a student or future student of the Prep to sign up. For camp details, including dates and cost, check out our full program offerings.

Hermits Baseball Camps

Choose from two different camps with Coach Bylone and his staff this summer. Fundamentals and preparation for high school competition and beyond will be the focus each morning, with competitive games every day after lunch.

Hermits Basketball Camps

We will host three camps this summer for boys and girls from grades 4 through 11 that want to work on the fundamentals of shooting, passing, defense, ball handling, teamwork, competitive games, and much more.   Availability remains for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the legends of the game, Coach Paul Rodio – click here to reserve your spot today!

Hermits Lacrosse Camp

Now in its 15th year, our summer lacrosse camp gives young athletes the opportunity to grow their skills in a friendly and positive environment.  Who better to learn from than the 2022 Non-Public State Champions – Hermits Lacrosse!

Hermits Rugby Camp ***NEW FOR 2022***

Hermits Rugby Camp aims to provide an opportunity to share the basics of Rugby Union to young boys and girls in South Jersey in a safe environment with certified coaches. The camp aims to be informative, interactive, and fun. Live contact will take place but it will be controlled using bags and measures to ensure maximum safety. All participants will be required to bring athletic cleats, sneakers, appropriate athletic wear, a mouthguard, and a personal water bottle every day.

Hermits Rowing Camp

Novice and experienced rowers will love this camp designed to get them ready for high school competition. Participants will be row eight men shells, learn to scull in recreational shells, train on the rowing machines, and finish out the week with a mini regatta and BBQ!

Hermits Soccer Camps

Sign up for four days of intensive training at one of the best high school facilities in the state. Give your son the chance to hone his individual skills as well as his tactical understanding of the game. Choose from two different camps.

Hermits Wrestling Camp

Young wrestlers of all levels are invited to this incredible opportunity for developing their fundamentals in a fun, competitive environment. A lot of the focus will be on high-percentage scoring techniques and developing the right mindset for wrestling.

Youth Academic Summer Programs at St. Augustine Prep

We are also glad to host two special summer experience camps just for middle schoolers! For complete details, including dates and cost, check out our full program.

Model Rocket Camp ***NEW FOR 2022***

Rising eighth and ninth graders, want to build and fly your very own model rocket? You can! In this camp designed to introduce students to the exciting world of model rocketry, you will learn how to effectively construct and safely launch your own model rocket. Whether you’re experienced in model building or not, you will get your chance to watch your rocket soar into the air. Parents, model rocketry is a safe and widespread hobby that has been credited as a significant source of inspiration for children who eventually become scientists and engineers. All supplies needed to build and fly rockets are included in the cost of the course. Interested guests are welcome to view the launch on the final day of the camp. It doesn’t get much more fun than building and launching your very own model rocket. That’s what you’ll be doing when you come to the St. Augustine Prep Model Rocket Summer Camp.

History Buff’s Enrichment ***NEW FOR 2022***

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” William Faulkner wrote that and if that line resonates with you then you probably love studying the past. This camp is designed for students who can’t get enough of learning about the past in hopes of better understanding the present and anticipating the future. If you have history videos on your YouTube recommendations or find yourself reading or watching history (when you should probably be doing other things) then this camp is for you. In a fun atmosphere, we will go deeper into studying “the course of human events” so that our curiosity and passion will be indulged for part of the summer. Through games, discussions and research students will develop more of a passion for history and be better prepared for the history courses they study in school. This camp is unabashedly for history buffs but promises to be a fun and educational use for a portion of the summer.

STEM Studio for Kids

Rising 4th through 6th-grade students are invited to join the excitement! The camp will promote summer learning success with hands-on discovery activities and technology-rich experiences. STEM is the interdisciplinary and applied approach of science, technology, engineering, and math within a curriculum-based framework which engages students in authentic, meaningful learning environments. Literacy, language arts, and social science skills and strategies will be integrated into this framework to address the holistic world in which we live. Campers will have a blast as they conduct experiments, explore their creativity, and challenge their critical thinking skills.

An Eye on Algebra: Math for Young Scientists

Math and science work together to help us understand the world around us. In a fun and interactive manner, this camp will focus on the use of both pre-algebra and algebra in science. In order to see these connections, a series of experiments will be conducted in which students see hands-on the process through which mathematics helps construct meaning from scientific data. Students will see their own data being taken to the next level of scientific inquiry, and find that mathematics is an integral part of understanding the physical world.

Learn More

Read more or register for summer programs at St. Augustine Prep. Wherever your summer adventures take you this year—have fun, make great memories, and we hope to see you on campus very soon!