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Technology in the Classroom: St. Augustine Preparatory Best Practices

Posted April 30th, 2018

Technology in the Classroom: St. Augustine Preparatory Best Practices

A Balancing Act
As you’re well aware, your son is maturing in an increasingly complex and sometimes confusing world. Technology poses some of the greatest challenges he will face now and well into adulthood. That’s why we take the use of technology in our classrooms seriously. It’s a balancing act that requires intentionality and thoughtfulness. Here’s how we do it:

The Art of Integration
Technology should be a tool for learning; not a disruption. We work to make technology, such as iPads, both an accessible and seamless part of students’ classroom experience. Multimedia learning, at its best, reinforces the use of technology as a healthy resource. If it isn’t advancing our students’ ability to learn, we don’t use it.

Intentional Exposure
The classroom ought to be a safe and inspiring place for students. Filtered wireless and our parent portal act as checks and balances on students’ use of online technology. We’ve cultivated an environment that emphasizes responsibility, and we consider proper exposure to technology a way of supporting your child’s development.

Focus on Fluency
Cutting-edge technology gets students excited, and we’re here to equip their passions. Our robust computer science curriculum gives students skills that are essential to industries like engineering and business. We pride ourselves on providing the technological knowledge that will put them ahead in the world.

In All Things, Partnership
A successful education is always a partnership between students, parents, and faculty. In the classroom, teachers demonstrate best practices in technology, and we encourage parents to do the same at home. Together, we equip your child with the tools of his generation and ensure he’s ready to navigate the temptations, too.  

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