Freshman Experience

Sean Cottrell: My Growth

Posted April 7th, 2017

When I first came to St. Augustine Prep I knew it was going to be challenging to manage both my academic and extracurricular activities.  I was also a stranger in an unfamiliar school with no friends from grade school to lean on during the transition.  I was afraid that I would not do well in the honors classes and was nervous that I did not know any of my teachers. The first few months of high school were challenging, but I have grown a lot during this transition period.

        I have become more focused, and I am more confident now that I know how to prioritize my schoolwork, so that I can get everything done and manage my extracurricular activities.  I have done well in my honors classes and fortunately, my teachers explain the content very well and are available if I need any extra help.  Attending the Prep has made me become more independent with my homework as I often stay late after school for activities and then work on my homework or study until my parents come to pick me up.  I believe that I have grown and matured a lot since September, and I am sure that I will continue to work hard, be successful, and continue to grow as a student and person while at the Prep.